Caution! 5 major signs that can not go on

Oleg Radul - seasoned traveler. Recently, in a car accident, he lost his friends. And I wrote a very good text, a warning to all of us that Site publishes below. Keep it to yourself. And share with friends, it's really vazhno.40 days ago my friends fell to his death on the road in the mountains because of the fact that the all fell asleep in the car, including the driver. When someone breaks up a stranger, it is often think: "Maybe the guy was a scorcher / inexperienced / overconfidence, etc. With us this will not happen..»


But this time was the opposite case. It killed the boys, who are constantly in almost every month for the past 10-15 years drove it into the mountains, the sea, reeling thousands of kilometers without stopping. Experience dalnoboev them - more than enough! What Vadim, who called himself a "professional balabolom": could chat around the clock with any driver, even strangers. What Smolin, who drove me to be careful, always closely monitored his condition. All they could well struggle with sleep, to feel the onset of fatigue, and to understand the moment when it is time to change the driver ... Having learned about the accident, many could not even believe that some of them could fall asleep at the wheel is banal. Nevertheless, it happened. Just once, but that was enough for all three.

Looking at their mangled car after visiting the scene of the accident, browsing records from the registrar, I clearly realized for himself such a simple, in general, the logical thing: "I can not say that I'm smarter or more experienced than some of them. With age, the experience, the manner of driving we all have the same plus or minus. So I, in the same way as they are, can easily die on the road in this way »

And here I am again, back to his old question:. How to avoid the problem started riding. over long distances, even ten years ago, I first began to seek for themselves the most effective methods of dealing with sleep. I remember that I had a whole arsenal of different ways to cheer up, coffee, seeds, energy, walking, charging, etc.

.. And then I realized I was looking for something not at all! None of them can not guarantee the security of me. After all, here's the paradox: all this is nothing but a way to continue the movement, and the main thing - to be able to stop in time Here, no channel proverb "Tired - rest," I've heard a million times!. What is tired? Won all Moscow home tired after work rides, and why? Where objective criteria when fatigue is still possible to suffer quietly, but when it's time exactly to the sidelines? These criteria should be clear and unambiguous.

In general, I have these five criteria. They tested hundreds of sleepless nights that drive that boat. < And the rule is very simple: it is better not to bring themselves to the point But if suddenly comes at least one of these signs, I immediately gives way without hesitation.. Or, if I'm not with anyone, I get up on the side of the road bed. Because it is impossible to go further

Now, five of the objective evidence that was about to fall asleep:.

1. You notice the time morganiyaEto - the explicit and unambiguous criterion. Try to remember when the last time you blink? That's right! The fact that in the normal state, one does not notice when blinking. This is how fast, just do not pay attention. But when it becomes clear that we are talking not about the usual blinking, and the start off - immediately to the sidelines

2!. Cheating on the sidelines zreniyaFigury seem from afar something one, and when approaching or are something entirely different, or disappear altogether. This stage of the border: the eyes are still open, but the brain does not have time to process all incoming information - he was sleeping! Another couple of minutes, and consciousness completely shut down.

3. Vision does not have time to try to translate fokusirovatsyaYa eyes off the road to the devices, and then bring it back to the road. What there was the mileage? Once again, a moment in the apparatus, and again on the road. In the normal state, the vision has time to regroup, and all is well in sight. But if you fall asleep, the view becomes a glass, his eyes did not have time to adapt to the conditions, it is impossible to cast a cursory glance devices, and then consider the necessary evidence.

4. Laziness strain mozgPoprobuyte 18 multiplied by 3. In the normal state is not a problem. But the man falls asleep is not something that would be difficult for him ... it nafig not needed. Vpadlu even begin. For the same reason, too lazy to talk. Because for this it is necessary to strain to keep in mind the conversation, look up words.

Incidentally, any verbal communication cord bad loads, so in the first place: who is talking - he did not fall asleep; and secondly, if there was silence in the cabin, so soon cut down all At this point, too, it is time to stop, although it seems that you can still go.. Here are the guys exactly what happened (as registrar): first there was silence in the cabin, and after some time - an accident. By the way, most of all bracing is not just empty talk, and talk to some exciting topics, whether sex, politics or any holivar. So stock up for the track diseased subjects.

5. Small narusheniyaDva three consecutive forgot to switch on the neighbor? It's time to sleep. Can not remember the last road sign? A penultimate? In any way? Sleep! He stopped at the flashing yellow? On the green? Well, you get ...

and bonuses rapid test for the passenger as unobtrusively check the driver for drowsiness

The point is that it is useless to ask him: "Hey, are you okay?". The answer is always the same: "In order". Instead, we must ask some questions that require deliberation or care. For example: "And where are we now? What the town passed "or" How long do we still have to ... ", and it is better even something more complex, such as:" Do you think it is better to give & lt; a mutual friend's name & gt;? for a birthday?". < And if the answers seem too simple or inadequate - it's time to change If the patient is more alive, to feel better, it is advisable to start something to argue with him.. Though about lofty matters, though stupid troll it - do not care. The main thing is that during the heated debate, it is impossible to sleep physically, checked

In general, the main rule:. The brain does not turn off immediately, it gradually turns off As a hovering computer, first working on. 100%, then 50%, then 25% and then bang - already hanging. It really catch the transition from 100% to 50%, if you know what to look for, and how to check. And it is necessary to look for any lazy and check yourself in the confusion of consciousness.

And yet the question remains: if I can control himself, if this is sufficient for safe driving long distances alone? Honestly, not sure. The catch in the fact that the along with the dulling of consciousness is dulled and the feeling of fear. That is, you realize that you fall asleep, all the criteria of common man, you have, in fact, on the verge of death, and you realize it but at this point you do not scary! Because the brain has already almost asleep. And I think: "Just think, drive another km to the nearest XX XXX, and then the sleep / Change." So all of these features, of course, are good, especially when you go alone. And we should try to bring them, and if any one of them will come - immediately stop. < But this is more necessary than a sufficient condition for security.

The only option, which I'm sure at 100%, - riding with a partner, and constant talking. Not so much in order to stay awake, but in order to constantly monitor each other (. See paragraph 4): the conversation trailed off - both the bed. Yes, this is a very strict rule. But, for example, when we went to tour around the world, we were four and we stuck to it easily. Recently, I have become to score on him more and more frequently, sometimes due to lack of interlocutors, and sometimes have a reason. But apparently, in vain. Life, damn it, is able to show how not to do. It is foolish not to learn.

< Take care of yourself.

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