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In this article you will learn how to cure psoriasis.

My name Galyautdinov Arthur, I'm 24 years old, weight as of 2.06.2012 - 96 kg. . Height 196 cm to the disease ate like all people - those that give :) Loved meat, grilled, man, jam and so on. I do not disdain, and instant noodles. The first symptoms began immediately after moving to Russia (Tatarstan). The stress of moving, new environment, new school, a new country in the end. And most of all the stress and impact on the onset of the disease.

So: were amazed as of 24.09.2009g. The following parts of the body: Almost the whole head ... .where there is an average value from the pockets of 4-5 50kopeechnuyu coin 5 ruble .... Both elbow value of 5 ruble coin ... one knee the size of a circle of watches ... (the second was also struck but somehow miraculously all gone!) Ankle the size of a 10-penny coin ... Nails ... it's a different story because every month they behave like they want ... all fingernails in the "thimble" and something which is peeled from the finger :( and nail of his left thumb and lumpy underneath the edge looseness ....

GROWTH 194cm Weight 99 (at the time). Who does not know how it is - to be ill with psoriasis, I would say simply - it is flour ... physical and psychological. All the time I wore only with long sleeves. I tried to get a haircut is very rare. To doctors treated naturally - they are diagnosed - psoriasis. (But in a year in Kazan, I was diagnosed - psoriasis vulgaris and assigned 62b article in connection with which I was released from military service)

. Doctors are all as one, prescribed me a lot of drugs: Diprosalik (among other hormonal drug 5th generation (!)), Elokim-C, Citrine, fish oil, etc. etc.. I began to notice a strange pattern - if you stop mazyukatsya ointment - the psoriasis get out with furious force! I'm sick of all through the year and I began to look for other methods. The Internet came to the forum "psorikov" and there I became interested in the theme of a "domestic" drug for animals (!) Under the name ASD.

The forum was a lot of people who allegedly helped get rid of seasonal exacerbation. I decided to buy it in our vet-clinic. I will not write it was terribly disgusting for the first time to drink this *****, I will say only one thing - to anyone do not want to even sniff this drug (the drug is made from bone of cattle and animal extracts)

. In general, as long as I choked and swallowed it "medicine", I recommend a very good friend, try a raw food diet. I did not know yet - what it is. But wandering the expanses of the "Icebreaker" (this one gave me a link to a forum Raisins) I realized - this is what I was missing! Emissions from light soul remaining sprays with ASD, I decided to move to sharply CME (reading before this course dozens of articles, books, interviews, reviewing a dozen video itp) The most "pushes" content can be attributed to work Ugolev academician A. M. - TAP and T (theory of adequate nutrition and trophic ecology), Paul Sebastyanovicha book - Live Food or why cows predators

. Transitions I sharply and immediately - without starvation (in fact, I had no such experience). My diet was as follows: in the morning did not eat anything because the body is conducted cleaning Somewhere in 12-13 hours 2 eat an apple .... In the evening at 17-18 I ate or mung bean sprouts, or a couple of bananas. And before going to bed sometimes pierced to "eat" - ate a carrot or an apple

. After a month and a half of pure CME, parents began to worry about my health and asked to undergo a blood test for hemoglobin. What I did (the results in the attached file).

To make it clearly shows the dynamics of healing (the dynamics of the attached photo files), say at once - in the treatment of ointments of the biggest things I was able to make it a "hold" the affected area within the existing area, plus a pinkish hue plaques (become less noticeable) .

In the photo below - shows the dynamics of the elbow. Completely cure psoriasis, I was not able to, but in the last 7 months, I achieved great results - both elbows have completely restored their former, healthy appearance, the knee also acquired the old, healthy look, pockets of color became less ankle remained such what was, nails in a thimble.

My healing helped support my wife. It was a kind of a shield between me and the negative people. Raw food diet has done its job - it helped get rid of all bad things in the body, which kopilas there for years. Cleansing the body itself has become overcome illness and heal - and I had only one thing - to observe all this and enjoy the happiness :)

Now I eat on a "vegan" because of the difficult situation with parents. In the near future I plan to go back to the CME.

Purge go every day feeling normal but the diet CME - felt much better. I would like to wish all of the people - not to think that the disease is a judgment call. The disease - it is only the status indicator of your body, then it is time to do things :) But seriously, then (as I tell everyone) "CME is not a diet - it is an adequate diet!". Cheers!

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