1781 - The discovery of Uranus. It was possible to do these things Wilma Herschel, who first took the body of the comet. But it took a couple of months and it turned out that it is still a planet. As a faithful britanskopoddanny called Herschel in honor of its law at the time of the English monarch George planet. However, somewhere in the stars did not agree, the name did not stick, and we have at the moment what we have.
However, the degree of Doctor of the University of Oxford and a lifetime award at a rate of 200 pounds per year from a grateful King Herschel received. Oh, and as a bonus - became a member of the Royal Society.

1881 - killed Alexander II. On it attempted - from Berezovsky in Paris in 1867. Then there were unsuccessful attempts in Petersburg in 1879, the famous fiasco undermining the imperial train in the same year, and a year later, the explosion in the Winter, created Khalturin. But still we finished off. And a bomb Grinevitsky on the embankment of the Catherine Canal in North Palmyra proved fatal for Alexander "Liberator."

1917 - first saw the light of "Izvestia" number. Well, not exactly. Leaving it began in October 1905. However, two months later was arrested by Leon Trotsky, the main publication of the author, so it decided on 13 March 1917 - the most it is for the official founding date. Someone older will remember the Soviet era anecdote: "The" truth "is no news in the" News "there is no truth." and it was about. Well, apart from fixing the events as such. Oh, and their interpretation - the author's vision, so to speak. Or the political line and maturity, if you

1995 - Manifest Von Trier's "vow of chastity". What kind of animal? It is composed in collaboration with Thomas Vinterberg document the birth of avant-garde direction "Dogma-95". Allegedly, the technique and style - is, of course, gut, but the plot and characters in priority. For example, "Kingdom II» filmed mainly on manual camera assembly and illumination rules - a side, resulting in well-known frame graininess. However, you can not argue with commerce, and the mini-series became highly successful.
Unveiled a document at the Paris conference on the centenary of cinema. Art must be honest, expressive means - ascetic, only ten rules. Shoot only on manual camera, and the scale of the video writing together, combined survey - to the scrap, special lighting - there, the taboo of homicide scenes, the film - only 35mm, the director of the film is not in the credits.
You feel the revolution? And it is not. Well, how. Several works in this format was held, and on it - all time ... and the movie will put everything.


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