< Leah Altukhova

Perhaps the same persistence and energy to me,
As we have not scattered in the battens.
Patience to bring up his cross,
And save the beautiful beginning.

Let it be in the first act over us,
Less second-class characters,
And even there, our story is boring,
Do not let finish outright lazhey.

Let there be a bright light green background,
I do not need a shine Empire and scenery.
And everyone will be happy and in love.
The development will have to leave,

Metal, foul language, and suffer,
Slowly apply each other scars.
At the end of the heroes have to die,
According to the laws of pure drama.

And to argue with me and supreme destiny,
And do not find it faithful to her shoulders and her husband.
The plot is overwritten and therefore simple,
As the earthly sphere, the result is brighter needed.

Do not give me the same in the final fold,
And replace it with the love of others.
As an author, you should understand
The whole complexity of the drama of axioms.

He is not as young,
And I do not heal, possibly wound.
But save, please alive
Nedogeroya my novel.


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