< Inna Spring

"Come here in summer ... no worse than the nature of the Carpathians", - send the form ... do not listen to the latest low-volume phrases. Reaching, touch your hand the sky, having time to think of what, in general, almost agree.

But come ... tangled trail network, and in the air ... the wings for a long time no one is held. For some, the Almighty, and to you, our eternal third, the quartz chamber, the white of their clothing dazzles.

It makes no sense and, unfortunately, it is useless for a long time ... We keep the basics simple rules - to think sensibly and too, perhaps, now sober, though this world spring into your green paints and ruled

. Axis inside, but leaves spiral in open space ... Equilibrium - pitching - and muddies krýzhit eternity. And the poems ... that poetry? - So inert, rutin, naive kósny, and through it all trickles that you give me some reason need

. To complicate the maze unresponsive e-mail? Simplify the world, millions of loving friends and neighbors? The outbreak of inadvertent first spring buds, this sleeping before July ripe and juicy cherries?

Come in for a minute ... a second delaying, Millicano let's grab and grasp more smile. Lost among melteshaschih et cetera, other points of ... letting go of a little trembling glimpse goldfish.


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