The main secret of energy raw foodists

Raw food diet provides energy efficiency maximum digestion. This is the main secret of the efficiency of such power.

The main secret of energy
raw foodists When prevails anaerobic metabolism, of dietary carbohydrates are insufficient to cover the energy consumption. The body will be forced to "produce" the glucose from proteins and fats. That is not only more energy consuming, but also leave behind heaps of rubbish. Who either collects or is derived from labor. As a result, we use the fats and proteins are not for its intended purpose - as the building blocks for the body, as well as an energy source! And there is dependence on a large number of meat, cereals, jelly in the traditional kitchen and nuts with cereals in syroedcheskoy.

When microflora "pillars", the main supplier of glucose for raw foodists will fiber, "digested" Escherichia, the friendly microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Also in the power rawfoodist significantly more carbohydrates than the traditional kitchen. And completely disappears the need for proteins and fats as an energy source. Disappear all dietary sources of waste and pollution. It explains the striking advantage in achieving aerobic metabolism throughout the body.

The energy depends not so much on the amount of food, but on the quality of its assimilation!

Anaerobic and aerobic glycolysis
Glycolysis can occur in two ways: anaerobic and aerobic. I will try to describe in simple terms the difference in the example of the "production" of energy from carbohydrates. Understanding this process is important.

Carbohydrates contained in foods, digested to glucose in the digestive tract. In muscle and other tissues is utilized to lactic acid without oxygen. Thus each of the glucose molecules extracted only 2 molecules of ATP. Further, if the body is not able to take the right amount of oxygen - lactic acid is not able to continue the absorption into the blood and arrive, and then to the liver, where it will again be restored to glucose. All this also requires energy. This anaerobic glycolysis.

But if the body is clean capillaries and a "strong" the metabolism of lactic acid destiny is different - it starts mass podvodimy absorb oxygen, instead of giving a lot of water and carbon dioxide (the so called Krebs cycle). As a result of this process 2 is not formed on the one ATP molecule of glucose, and 38 (!). It is a full cycle of the complete aerobic digestion method.

As you can see, the difference is significant. Energy at times more pure body capable of delivering everything you need in every area of ​​the body!

The sum of all processes in the cells to charge them with energy is called cellular respiration. And if it fails, then no matter how much glucose has been received, "exhaust" is not much. For more information on these processes is not difficult if you want to read on the Internet, the information is not new.


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