How to choose a backpack correctly?


Backpack - a real find for any traveler or tourist. It is the most convenient bag into which you can put everything you need and not feel discomfort while walking with a load on his back. But they need to choose the right, because the female urban backpack is very different from marching - they are designed to perform different functions and to use in different conditions

. So, how do you choose the right backpack? There are several important points that you should pay attention, because they are responsible for its destiny.


Do not think that the more hiking bag, the better it is. The volume should correspond to the destination, because otherwise you'll have to drag a half-empty backpack, which, by the way, and he can weigh a lot. At the same time while traveling, you can now successfully be divided between all the luggage campaign contributors. So stolitrovaya bag unlikely to have at least someone will need. At the same time a small backpack is suitable for the city, but it will not help the tourist does (or will have to leave the really necessary things, or overload the bag).

Design and weight

In the long trips or expeditions, when the weight of portable items exceeds 18 kg per person, the best choice is a special backpack with anatomical back and a rigid frame. The model with a mesh suitable only for small bags or for those tourists who are going to travel in hot climates and for small distances.

Also try to choose a model with adjustable backrest - this will increase the comfort and, therefore, at the time of travel will be less cause for irritation. If rest is not regulated, before buying a backpack should be carefully try.

It is believed that the smaller the weight of the backpack is better. However, little weight affects the quality and reliability of the bags. So look for the best option is for himself.

Advanced Features

Here it is all your choice. Different additional functions too much to say that is really needed in each specific situation is quite difficult. However, there are some "optional", which can really always need:
the side or the bottom pocket is needed in order to facilitate the process of packing and unpacking things; Two compression straps - they must be long enough so that you can attach the twisted mat, or any other similar object; external suspension useful things - there are different mounting for the transfer pot, blades, skis, etc; <. rain cover - is very useful that the bag and its contents do not get wet during a downpour
. Also, in some hiking in the bags provided for drinking system - it is needed only for long journeys when the rest stops will be few and have a drink on the go. But its design should be comfortable and have a separate external pocket with semi-rigid hydrator.

If you pay attention to the options listed above, you can really choose the model of your dreams. Also, if you want you can buy leather backpacks - they look stylish and slightly more reliable than the standard model.


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