Backpack for dogs

The dog – man's best friend. It's not just a proverb but indeed, true. Dogs are always near people, they are loyal and never betray. There is even a minority of people who believe that dogs are better than people.
Assume the dog is human is not necessary, since man is man, he will advise, and talk, and to eat cook, and clean, and the dog is a dog is a loyal friend, but still, not like us.

The idea of creating a dog backpack come to designer Wen-Yo Lu. By itself, the backpack is not heavy, easy to wash and has two branches.

This backpack is perfect for owners and dogs who love adventure. For example, you have decided to climb the mountain with his dog, and to bear the burden and so hard, in this case, partly it may be placed in a special backpack, and put it on your dog. The main thing is not to overload your pet, as he, too, can be hard. Besides, with so bright "accessory" your dog will not disappear, and even with poor eyesight, you per kilometer you see your furry friend.

Another detail is the hood that you can put the dog on the head during a rain. The idea, of course, cute, but hardly a small dry patch of wool will save the dog from the mass of moisture.
Make your dog even more assistant buy her personal backpack!

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