The first channel is trumpeting that it is time to stop eating meat.

For those who have not yet seen.
The first channel is trumpeting that it is time to stop eating meat.

In different countries, with a new force broke the debate about the benefits and dangers of "meat products»
In different countries with renewed vigor discussion focused on the benefits and dangers of «meat products»

The occasion was the report of the World Health Organization. Its experts have said that those who prefer such products will automatically fall into the risk of cancer. Opponents of this theory cite the experience of the more ancient times, when food was mined during the hunt.
Lifesaver Elena Kolesova - for any occasion. And the house for dinner, and my husband along for the trip, and her son to school. Sausages, sausage in product mix gloss over the honorary first place and it is not going to concede.
Report scientists from the World Health Organization Elena though not wrapped in a vegetarian, but the appetite is pretty messed up. Still, the verdict of 22 experts from 10 countries: the People's delicacy - the enemy of health. But it seemed harmless where frankfurter sausage-product and where cancer. But more than 800 research and experimentation, have left no doubt - the relationship of one or the other is still there
. "We have processed a vast array of data, summarized studies that were conducted to 20 years, and concluded that regular consumption of small amounts of processed red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer somewhere in the 17-18%. In fact, it's not much, but there is much to ponder, "- said an employee of the World Health Organization, the study leader Curt Strife
. Sandwiches with sausage for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, snack at work - sandwich with ham, well, dinner, such as burgers. Such a menu may lead not only to gastritis. Scientists insist that even 50 grams of processed red meat a day is enough to increase the risk of bowel cancer. Some two pieces per day, and you have - at risk
. But the most dangerous of these two pieces? Nutritionists say the damage is not so much from the meat, how many of the substances that give it its presentation. And for him - a whole bunch of carcinogens
. "The technologically processed raw meat is added sodium nitrite, is a dietary supplement that captures the color of the product is already in the final result. If we do not add, it will not have an attractive pink color, just gray product. When we cook at home, we understand that if the meat is cooked, it has a grayish hue. Besides sodium nitrite - a preservative, because the products in the form of sausages, ham, bacon should take some time, since they will be in our plate ", - dietician says immunologist Marina Apletaeva <. br>


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