JOHN Jandal, who have a lot FREE TIME


John Jandal said that we all went astray and wrong living. We spend a lot of time at work or in questionable entertainment, consider the money and spend a fortune on buying a home. But in fact, you can live happily and easily. However, to understand what is really a simple thing life Jandal had to work pretty ...
John Jandal grew up in a poor Thai village. So poor that the locals are not even aware of their poverty. They are not to be compared. But once the villagers saw the TV. The TV told them that in fact they are poor and miserable, and in the world there are many beautiful and useful things that are worth to buy.

TV did not leave John a choice - I had to go to Bangkok and go to university to build a career and somehow closer to a beautiful life. But instead of the promised prosperity TV Janda was waiting for a bed in a dormitory, endless lectures in stuffy classrooms, lack of money and the need to constantly look for jobs. In the morning John gritted his teeth in boring lessons on jurisprudence (on TV explained that this prestigious specialty), and then ran to work - washing the dishes, or distribute food in restaurants.

A few years later Jandal began to suspect that he lied to a TV.

"I was so tired that he felt the robot, and the money is still only enough for food and shelter to the end of the day," - he recalled. Of course, if you believe the television, in the future, John was waiting for a brilliant career. Candan believed television seven years. And then I gave it a bad job and fled from Bangkok to his native village.
"In Bangkok, many people buy a house on credit, and then work 30 years to pay, - says John Jandal. - Returning to the village, with his own hands, I built a house for two months. So, 29 years and 10 months saved. "

TV with his morality suffered defeat after defeat. In Bangkok he choked Jandal cheap noodles, and in the village, he had plenty of fresh (and free) fish caught in the pond, own rice, vegetables and fruits. Moreover, much time remains. John Jandal decided to use this free time to tell people the truth. He organized the Environmental Center, in which the students come from around the world - to learn how to just live wisely. John gladly teaches them that for ten years.

"Life - a very simple thing - Candan said. - Why do we complicate it all the time? Why work for many hours a day and buying bad meal if you can work less and grow your own, okay? Why spend money on fancy clothes, if you are alone - the one and only? Why, in the end, to 30 years to pay for accommodation, if you can build a great house for a couple of months? "All of this John teaches its visitors center. He actually spends on it only a few hours per week. More John from interest grows the seeds of rare vegetables and herbs, and distributes them free to local farmers.

But still he insists that he has a lot of free time.


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