You live in my private life ...

< Anna Tantsyura

... You live in my private life
Which other
coordinates From my essence
This is not quite what
schizophrenia But I rode badly in your
topics And your motives are unclear to me
I have you awarded
fears Pain, lust and desire
You do not say what will
With us
You say something like an angel or a demon Hidden
But you always have
You are present everywhere
Do I have to inhale oxygen
Does cigarette smoke.

You are the essence of the other secret
me You spanned canvas
Above my
portrait You live in me between heaven and hell
In weightlessness
frantic silence You are now a thing
The admixture of God and Satan.

You live in me
But soon
inside you There will be nothing alive
I am capable of cynicism and schadenfreude
And it all last drop
The call letters to action.

You will not disappear either today or tomorrow never
I'll be your vaccination from mental illnesses
The common thread that connects you to the outside world
You without me anywhere either foot
From now on you will be with regards
Since turning on me
You are a part of me
You can not breathe and exist
Without me
You will pass the ten circles of hell
If I change my mind suddenly
You're a very good reason that we decided to divide the number
You'll love me a long long
I'm starting to break you ...


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