Vegetable protein!

When a person begins to think about proper nutrition, often one of the first question of the protein. Where to take the body a complete protein? This is a very important element, and it certainly must be obtained from food. But the problem is that many do not know any protein sources other than meat or heard of the presence of protein in soy or legumes, but consider vegetable protein "substandard" or "defective". This is due to lack of information, so I want to shed some light on this dark matter.
Protein - a high molecular weight chemical compound that consists essentially of amino acids. Amino Acids of all there is 22. And of the 33 letters of our alphabet, through their combination, we make huge variety of words, and our bodies of these 22 amino acids is an incredible amount of protein!

< br> Proteins are involved in almost all the processes occurring in our body. But for each process needs a protein having an individual composition and combination of amino acids! In this regard, it was extremely unwise to assume that the protein, which was an animal, and you have eaten, you will do. If you, for example, eat a piece of beef, you get the protein, composed cow body and the cow! You this protein is not suitable!
What happens when we eat a piece of meat? The body starts to produce from its own internal resources, a tremendous amount of energy that is spent on it, to break the connection of the high-molecular compound in order to extract from it that the only thing that really is in it for the value of the body - the amino acids. Almost everyone else in the form of slag stone will fall further and starts to decompose it, without having to leave our long time intestines.
Not to mention the antibiotics are administered to animals in huge numbers throughout their short and terrible prison life, hormones of fear, leaving the meat of the animal at the time of his murder, the energy of the animal vibrations entering the subtle body of the person in the use of meat and contributing to energy degradation.
So that you do not have to take my word for it, let us reason together. When I ask people the question: what you eat, "I quite reasonably replied:" to rejuvenate, energize to perform their vital tasks. " Great answer, right! That's right, food is necessary to man is to restore strength and energy of the body content.
Here you ate. "That's right" to attempt, all as you were taught parents, kindergarten teacher, grandmother, catering - first, second and compote. We got up from the table satisfied. What first wish, which you after that there? Correct: to sleep! Paradox! Let's go back one step back: why do you sit at the table? If filled with energy, then got up from the table, you have to be full of energy. Where did the energy? Do not know? I know! All the energy after your "proper" meal, the body is making to ensure that the titanic efforts to split, digest, assimilate all the explosive mix that you have placed there gently.
Why is this happening? Why no one confuses this situation?
Perhaps the reason is that almost no one knows that green plants contain all the essential amino acids our body! And in a clean and easily accessible form. The body does not need to work hard, getting them. That's why after a meal consisting mainly of greenery, just up from the table I can run somewhere, do something, I have a light and a clear head, ready to face any challenges. I absolutely do not want to sleep! And the most beautiful thing there is hunger for a long time.
It turns out that in order to get complete proteins, it is not necessary to load the body products of animal origin. You can get complete proteins in an easily accessible form, using a sufficient amount of green plants.
This information may be useful for those who like the idea of ​​vegetarianism, but doubts whether the plant foods can give his body enough protein.
But if you're not ready to give up animal food, the expansion of the diet of green plants is still very useful. Green plants will help you to some extent neutralize toxic substances getting into your body with animal food.
Remember "100 herbs to shish kebab" in Caucasians - these famous lovers of animal food is always served their dishes very much, by our standards, the number of green
. When you eat animal food, containing a large number of proteins with food rich in carbohydrates (potatoes, cereals, starchy vegetables), then forcing your body to overwork in an attempt to digest incompatible products. In the stomach fermentation process begins, and when such food is sent to the intestine, the fermentation goes to decay. Therefore it is better to separate proteins and carbohydrates in different meals and greens, it is desirable to add to those, and others, because it supplies food enzymes needed for digestion in the stomach and helps produce digestive enzymes in the pancreas, helping to further break down food in the body needs nutrients.

Natalya Kobzar "prirodosoobraznosti food" 2011.


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