Song of the deficit. For those who are particularly gnawing nostalgia

The chants of total on sanctions in the spirit of "well, do not, do right, how many years have lived in the Soviet Union, and nothing," a few one-sided illuminated the question of how it is lived. For everlasting deficit, which lived in a society strongly ozloblyal.Kogda main task of advertising did not report benefits and advantages, and the availability of goods as such - it is poorly motivated. Well, for those who do not remember, the thing is, such is not punishable at all.
Although the story, though recent, is to know. And carry a small silver fork for removing the noodles from the ears.
More adults aspirated broadcasters as before was great and spiritually, I want to argue strongly - should not generalize. Who was the spiritual - a spiritual stayed
. But many kilometers of queue and lack of commercially available basic things somehow undermined faith in a brighter future ...


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