How to find out what's missing from the cucumbers in Your garden beds

What's missing from the cucumbers?

If your cucumbers taste bitter, not enough moisture. Watering only the roots does not solve the problem. Need abundant watering over the entire surface of the earth in the greenhouse, including the track. Humidity is also essential. The appearance of bitter taste may be caused by drastic temperature changes in the daytime and at night (usually either in early summer or in August).

If the cucumbers in the form of light bulbs (round, and the stem taper) — not enough potassium. Pour the infusion of ash — 1 Cup of ash in a bucket of water, 1 litre per plant. Appeared crooked cucumbers — also should be fed potassium. Cucumbers have a bad reaction to chlorine, so for feeding it is better to use potassium phosphate. The solution can be water cucumbers at the root (at the rate on the package), or to spray on the leaves (1 teaspoon on 1 l of water).

If the whip is thin, the leaves are small, and the cucumbers lighter than usual — not enough nitrogen, you need to pour a solution of mullein per 1 l of mullein in a bucket of water, 1 litre per plant. Also a symptom of nitrogen starvation are narrowing Zelentsov at the tip and thickening them from the stalk.

And now more about the lack of items that are missing most often. Deficiency symptoms of the individual elements are often similar, so it is best to feed cucumbers complex fertilizers with microelements, that usually helps.

The lack of nitrogen.

Plant growth is strongly depressed, the whip thin, solid, fast drevesnyh. The leaves remain small, produced little side shoots. Ovaries hard to crumble and the part of the flower dies. First, at the bottom of the stem there is a premature yellowing of leaves. Then it extends to the young leaves. With the progressive nitrogen deficiency fruit with a pale yellow color. Some fruits cropped in size and have a pointed end.

A lack of potassium.

The edges of older leaves become lighter in color, which spreads between the main veins towards the center of the sheet. Then the entire leaf becomes yellow-green, and its edges appear necrotic spots. The edges of the leaves are bent down.

The lack of calcium.

Signs of deficiency of this element appear at the ends of shoots. Young leaves are very small and at first are dark green. Short internodes, young leaves edges become light coloured. At the same time on the leaf blade between the veins appear narrow bright bands, which quickly expanded and lose their green color, then it was tissue necrosis. The edges of the leaves are bent downward and the sheet takes the form of an umbrella. When you try to straighten the sheet torn from the edges, which die in the first place. At strong deficiency killed the shoot apex. Root growth stops, they gradually covered cleevely substance.

Deficiency of boron.

Internodes of cucumber become much shorter and the whole plant has a dwarf species. The first signs of boron deficiency appear on the shoot apex and the youngest leaves. The leaves are intensely green with a curving bottom edge, thicker than normal, solid. At strong deficiency of the flowers and the ovary is prematurely crumble. Shoots are very brittle. Hard side shoots are formed, but after the first or second leaf their tops die. Lateral roots grow poorly, the root system is underdeveloped, the roots turn orange.published


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