7 women who have made their husbands great

Behind every great man, as you know, is a great woman. And who knows what would have been the fate of our favorite musicians, artists, filmmakers and writers, if not next to them were their wise and patient wife.

On the eve of Valentine's Day Website says women who have raised their loved ones on a pedestal of glory, and some help to stay on it.

Mercedes Bartsch Pardo h3>

Gabriel Garcia Marquez met his future wife on the dance floor when she was 13 years old, and immediately offered to marry him. She agreed, but first had to finish school. The wedding took place only after 13 years.

Mercedes was close to Gaby during his work on the novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude", provided the family and did not cease to believe that her husband - a genius. Eighteen months later the novel was written, but Marquez had no money even for that to send it to the editor. Then Mercedes sold the last thing she had left, - hair dryer, and a mixer. Soon her husband's affair brought huge fees, worldwide recognition and the Nobel Prize.

Yoko Ono h3>

Beatles fans often accuse it of decay group. But the split in The Beatles took place long before I met Yoko Ono and John Lennon.

Yoko introduced a musician in the unknown to him before the world, where there was a lot of creativity: the avant-garde painting, literature and extravagant performances. Thanks to her, there was a solo album of Lennon, whose title song «Imagine» has become an international anthem of the hippies. Next to his wife, John was happy and not tired of repeating that he and Yoko a soul for two.

Giulietta Masina h3>

The marriage of director Federico Fellini and actress Giulietta Masina lasted 50 years and 1 day. Different characters: he loved luxury and the attention of the opposite sex, she was always restrained and kept adultery - does not become an obstacle for happy relationships. On the other hand, Federico and Juliet were dependent on each other and did not leave for longer than a month.

If Juliet was not on the set, Fellini rolled incredible scandals, called her home and asked for the slightest trifles Council. She edited the script, the actors claimed, he chose nature. And, despite the incredible success that has brought her work in the film "The Road" and "Nights of Cabiria" of her husband, the actor's fame Giulietta Masina preferred to devote himself to the career of the brilliant director.

Sophia Tolstaya h3>

The Countess was a guardian angel Tolstoy over 48 years. Became secretary for her husband (only famous novel "War and Peace" copied 7 times!), Nurse, manager, publisher, and after his death - the guardian of his vast artistic heritage. She selflessly endured all the quirks of Tolstoy and protect it from the large army of fans who crowded into their house, wanting to meet the legend.

Oona O'Neill h3>

"He made me mature man, I supported it in the youth", - said Una O'Neill about Charlie Chaplin. 54-year-old's favorite comedian in the world, and 17-year-old young actress met on the set of the film, directed by Chaplin himself.

Their marriage lasted 34 years and he could not prevent even the father of Una - American playwright Eugene O'Neill. They had 8 children - 5 daughters and 3 sons. The eldest, Geraldine, today recognized actress. For the marriage to Charlie Una refused actress career, but became a happy wife and mother, and the only muse in the life of the stunning actor.

Clementine Churchill h3>

Uncompromising politician Winston Churchill near his Clementine became gentle and affectionate boy. It was for him a true friend and chief ally.

Clementine had a strong character and a sober mind and not one of those wives who are kept in the shadow of its great men. The couple brought their own formula of love. They communicate with each other through letters and postcards, which called each other "gentle cat" and "beloved mopsikom". And Clementine seem able to unravel the secret of how to not get bored with her husband for 57 years of marriage.

Gala h3>

Once now legendary gala wore quite earthly name Elena Dyakonov, but even then it was distinguished by a passion for anything subtle. The Spanish painter Salvador Dali she first saw the makings of a real genius. Dali is the time of the meeting was on the verge of insanity, she suffered from their own complexes and universal misunderstood. Gala was his first woman, the muse, model, mother, secretary, manager. She took care of all of the artist: to care for, organized the exhibition, found customers
Salvador Dali beside her cured of the disease and believe in themselves. From now on, the picture he signed as "Gala-Salvador Dalí" and always said that thanks to her was a real artist.

«I love Gala more than a father, more than a mother, more than Picasso. And even more than money. Thank you Gala! ". Salvador Dali


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