9 women, who defied destiny and forever changed the course of history

How much we know women who have changed the world and left their mark forever? Brave, brilliant, caring, strong-willed, they were not afraid to go forward.

The website made a selection of a few incredible women whose beauty and intelligence certainly saved our world. And who would you add to this list?

Jeanne Barre

The first woman to circumnavigate the world journey. Disguised as a man, got on a ship as a servant of the French botanist. Years later returned to Paris and handed over 3 000 new unknown species of plants in the Museum of natural history, for which he received a commendation and a lifetime pension from the king.

Harriet Tubman

"Moses" in the struggle for freedom of African Americans. At age 13, was severely beaten, refusing together with overseer beating a runaway slave. During the civil war was a nurse and scout, writer, participated in the introduction of social reforms in the United States and inspired thousands of people to fight for freedom regardless of skin color.

Maria Sklodowska-Curie

The most inspirational woman of science. The researcher, the first two received the Nobel prize, paving the way to science for hundreds of thousands of women. Together with her husband discovered the elements radium and polonium, and studied the radioactivity, was the first in the history of the Sorbonne female teacher.

Vera Obolensky

Russian Princess and a heroine of the Resistance movement in France, worked as a fashion model, then as a Secretary. Engaged in intelligence activities, as well as the organization of shoots and repatriate British prisoners of war. He was arrested by the Nazis, who were surprised by his courage, endurance, devotion to Russia, France and the principles of humanism. Inspired hundreds of men and women to fight the Nazis.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The first lady of the world. Despite the high status, Eleanor published articles to draw attention to social problems and actively helped her husband in political matters, came up and created the UN developed the Universal Declaration of human rights, fought for equality and freedom of women.

Grace Hopper

The programmer, who taught computers to understand human language. Became the first woman, defended his doctoral thesis in mathematics, in 37 years as a volunteer was in the Navy, wrote programs for the Harvard mark I computer, on fingers explained the concept of "nanosecond". Her name is military destroyer, a supercomputer, and in her honor annually awarded prize to young programmers.

Billie Jean King

Defeated man in the tennis match known as "battle of the sexes" to prove that women deserve equal rights with men in sports. The record-holder for number of victories at Wimbledon, won all the tournaments of "Grand slam". On her initiative created by the world women's tennis Association. Made an invaluable contribution to the development of women's sports.

Natalia Bekhtereva

The daughter of an "enemy of the people", who are in an orphanage, survived the war in the besieged Leningrad, in order to devote the life to medicine and the study of the brain. The founder of the Institute of the human brain, have developed hundreds of methods to treat the nervous system. Bekhterev believed in the supernatural abilities of our brain that we have yet to explain from the point of view of science.

Malala Yousafzai

At the age of 11 wrote a blog where he talked about life under the Taliban regime and views on the development of education for girls. It's got a bullet in the head, but survived and continued to fight for the right of the children of the East for education, opened in Lebanon, a school for refugee girls from Syria. Malala at only 19 years old is the youngest winner of the Nobel prize and is considered a symbol of the struggle for their rights and freedom for millions of girls.

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