15 stunning landscapes that blur the boundaries between the worlds

"Beautiful scenery should be a lot," - that's what they think photographers who expertly imprint Earth beauty by the reflection in the water. In these photos, though the course is open to a parallel world, and it seems that it is possible to reach out a hand.

< Website has collected 15 fascinating frame with reflection on which goose bumps.

North Brabant, Netherlands h3>

Budapest, Hungary h3>

The Church of St. Martin on the island of Bled, Slovenia h3>

Yellowstone Lake, USA h3>

Venice, Italy h3>

descended from heaven h3>

Benjasiri Park, Bangkok, Thailand h3>

Summer Morning h3>

Mount Moran, Wyoming, United States h3>

Abandoned village in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary h3>

The Louvre, Paris, France h3>

Patricia Lake, Canada h3>

The Japanese tranquility h3>

At sunset h3>

Summer story h3>

Photos on the preview: Mark Mervai

via www.facebook.com/mark.mervai.photography/photos/pb.120691051280693.-2207520000.1455212774./1193378677345253/?type=3&theater


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