14 fresh ideas for February 14

If it were not such a holiday, it should have been invented. Required. After all, the most wonderful feeling in the world has the right to a special day of the year.

Do not miss the occasion to congratulate your soulmate with Valentine's Day, and Website will tell you how to do it.

1. Come up with as many compliments as you can. H3> Write them on stickers and stick in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Your significant other will appreciate exactly is the beginning of the day.

2. Create mascots, which will be known only to the two of you. H3> It can be paired rings, cups, or watch from one collection. The main uslovtes think about each other, looking at these things. And do not forget to do it as often as possible.

3. Arrange a romantic dinner in a place where you had a first date. H3> What is unusual is the place, the more interesting it will be a meeting. If you get all the same did not happen, remember the circumstances bye and play them at a table in the restaurant, on the first date because there are always exceptions that are remembered for a long time.

4. Book or make yourself a birthday cake with a pattern of your name. H3> A trifle, but what a nice! Although Valentine's Day is not accepted to cover a table, drinking tea with wonderful treats will make your day.

5. Go together on a cooking course. H3> This seemingly everyday activity, like cooking, you can make fun and inspiring. Show your loved one that they are willing to share with him the joy of life.

6. Learn how to finally tango h3> Every major city has a tango party, who meet regularly in a milonga -. Public events where all the dancing, as they want and with whom they want. Try to join and believe me it will be a memorable

7. Pass the original greetings for his / her favorite radio. H3> find out in advance what your spouse listens to the transmission and how to get on the air (it can be found on the forums). Well, what to say to your loved one, so it does not remain indifferent, only you know.

8. Make a colorful poster with the recognition and decorate their front door. H3> Find the cozy joint photo, remember the special expression that only you know, two, and go! Freelance resources to help you find the right designer and print your masterpiece can be in any digital printing or photo-salon.

9. Make a master class in massage for two. H3> Prepare slippers, bathrobe and your favorite oil and go to the spa-salon or find a single service training in professional massage salon. Great if nearby would be a sauna or a sauna with a font: you can immediately try out new skills

10. Treat mate new bedding h3> Buy the bedroom set of new clothes, and let it be a most unusual set of all:. Silk, completely black with lace or ruffles

11. Put a tiny valentines in the most unexpected places. H3> Imagine how your loved one smile when some time later, after the holiday will find signs of your attention in the locker with the laundry, purse, handbag, or wear your own boots?

12. Record his / her favorite song minus the vocals with their own. H3> This can be done both in the studio and on the computer at home. And then "accidentally" put his song during a romantic dinner. No idea, nor your ability to laugh at himself (if singing is not your thing) definitely not be left unattended.

13. Make the creation of a film about your life together. H3> Pick up your children's photos, collaborative video and photos, pick up the music, which would meant something to both of you, think of the story or look at specific resources performer who decides for you all creative and technical tasks. And do not forget that watching a movie should be strictly on the couch together.

14. Sit down and write a letter to the future for the two of you. H3> Share it their common dreams, plans, ideas, tell us what we would like to change. Letters Keepers do most trusted friends and arrange them in advance of the date on which they will have to return the letter to the authors. Or keep the letter at home and just read it in moments of dissatisfaction with each other. The memory of the day when you are together writing the message, make you softer, more tolerant and will make again and again fall in love with each other.

And how do you spend time together and remind each other about the most tender feelings? Share in the comments.

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