Your personal power. How to develop and maintain it?

Personal Power - this is the main resource person. Its capabilities and abilities in the practical application. On how great personal strength depends how well a person can realize themselves in their work and what results it will reach in life- in any area. LS- is your attitude to the world, then, for what you're watching, attracting into your life resources for the formation of PM.

The development of medicines qualitatively improves the human cost, as an individual: work and career of such a person becomes much more efficient due to the expansion of its capabilities. That is, such a development is necessary for a qualitative development of man as an individual. Most appropriately, you can evaluate a person's ability, including the magical potential, evaluating personal human power, personal power, and have the same equivalent, by which it can be assumed about the inclinations and abilities of the person.

How do I know what my personal power?

In fact, very simple. People who are given more, more is asked. The more difficult tasks a person puts himself in the life and the more he achieves their performance, the higher levels of personal power he possesses. What is - this personal power and how to develop it? It's not so simple. Personal strength - a combination of qualities of human
In the first place on the effect on the level of personal power are qualities of the mind, or in other words, the development and organization of the mental body. This is how developed the will, concentration and attention, a person's memory, thinking speed, as well as how well a person can enjoy all these qualities for certain purposes.

Developed by Astral - it is also very important! It is our emotions: the ability to manage them, the ability to arouse emotions in others, the ability to love others, and even the ability to manipulate
There is also a human personal power relate the current state of his physical body and the level of development of magical abilities, and how well a person can control them.

Developing an integrated intelligence: the ability to filter information, to get information from the outside world (signs, communication with nature, animals, human beings;

Complex Astral: the ability to concentrate and to sublimate their emotions, the ability to let go of resentment, emotional connections with other people, kinesthetic anchor, fears, phobias, any kind of emotional dependence;

Magical abilities: practicing operation with the will and intention! And the body: any body practices, care of the body, relaxation, exercise, nutrition
Then, you ensure that your personal power will increase many times, which undoubtedly will give you a qualitative step forward in the development of you.

How to develop your personal power?

1. The strength of opposition is taken from the general rules and social norms.

When you get out of the circle of routine and go on your way- you create a source of power that other people will support further. Prepare to be that many will not like it. The results will be shown in one year.

2. Personal power can be simulated.

Imitation awakens a source of inner strength.

If you are bad to work hard to imagine that you are already strong. You are standing on the stage as an actor. Play strong man. Play for real, until you get bored. Game - a simple method of inducing forces. The human body is designed so that if we begin to play the role you want us, then after that we get the appropriate internal states.

3. Come up with a goal that is just insane and start to translate it for fun and without reference to the result.

How to save and accumulate PM?

To save her, you must close all the way through that she usually goes unchecked.

Lack of awareness - this is because of what you are irritated by trifles, frustrated with or without cause. This is because of what people robbed in the subway, on the street, in public transport, as they see it is only after some time. They are not here and now, do not live in the present and in the moment.

No power of the spirit - if people give up easily, has no own opinion or afraid to express it, then what kind of personal power, what kind of impact on others and the world that surrounds him, can say, if yet, the world successfully complete control them .

It so happens that you have to force yourself to engage through the power, it happens to roll these emotional states, when nothing would be desirable, and in some practices simply vital to be as hard as flint, because succumb arisen fear, means practically to sign his own death warrant. < br />
And we should be able to almost instantly pull themselves out of such states as they are, firstly, just suck the personal power of the person and to lose her - a luxury. And so we must be able to quickly change their state of mind at the right, to choosing the one that is necessary at this point for present purposes.

Nagging and self-pity - the easiest way to accumulate personal power - to stop whining and complaining about life
Importance - selects just the huge amount of your valuable energy to maintain itself. Better to opt out of a sense of self-importance, do not need to feel important, that you in fact still nothing. And if you give up this feeling, become indifferent and even to all event, there will be magic! people will treat you with care and respect, will seek a meeting with you as you become stronger at this point, and all the love strong. You waive importance, and therefore understand and without th its strength, it is unconsciously transferred people around.

Be strong!


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