20 books, after which the world for you to never be the same


Books are good not only what we are able to transfer to another, a new universe. Sometimes they also change our reality. Surely everyone know the feeling when your eyes on the last line of the work and know what happened to you is something special.

< Website has compiled a list of the 20 books of the strong, to "something" happened to you after each of them, and you feel like a different person.


Daniel Keyes
"Flowers for Algernon» h3> The main character, a mentally retarded Charlie agrees to the experimental brain surgery. His intellect begins to grow rapidly. But make him happy if this knowledge? Do I need to have a high IQ, to be a person?


George Orwell's "1984» h3> In this book displayed a system which denies the autonomy and freedom of the individual, held a global mobilization of all forces to implement a mad idea - full control over each individual. Society madly and accept a slave mentality. All power in the Party and the mythical Big Brother.


Khaled Hosseini
"A Thousand Splendid Suns» h3> In the heart of the novel - the two women who were victims of shocks that have befallen Afghanistan. They have nothing in common, they live in different worlds, which was not meant to be crossed if not for the firestorm of war. Now they need to unite in order to survive.


Donna Tartt "Goldfinch» h3> 3-year-old Theo Decker miraculously survived after the explosion, which killed his mother. His father left him, so he was forced to wander the foster homes and families stranger from New York to Las Vegas, and his only consolation they become stolen from a museum masterpiece of Dutch old masters.


Chuck Hogan, "The Town» h3> The raiders take hostage control one local bank Claire Kesey, and then released. However, the head of the team of bandits Doug McRae could not get the girl out of his head. Dropping the mask and hiding weapons, he begins dating Claire in everyday life, and it soon becomes clear that they are mutually attracted.


Ken Kesey
"Over the Cuckoo's Nest» h3> simulate insanity, not to go to jail, Randle McMurphy gets to a psychiatric clinic, where farms cruel and ruthless sister Mildred Ratched. McMurphy is amazed that other patients put up with such a life, and decided to rebel.


Franz Kafka "The process» h3> The time can go, and political regimes - change. However, the same is a strange, terrible and captivatingly absurd story of the "process" that begins with "nothing absurdity" and ends with "nothing of death".


Oscar Wilde
"Portrait of Dorian Gray» h3> The book tells about dramatic and extremely fascinating life story of Dorian Gray, who became a victim of his own desire for eternal youth and paradoxical judgment of his friend - Lord Henry Wotton


William Shakespeare "Hamlet» h3> Near Elsinore, the Danish royal palace monarchs, soldiers several times seen a ghost, like the recently deceased King. The news comes to the Danish prince Hamlet, and he decides to see a ghost. Meeting with him brings Hamlet in horror and utter confusion - the ghost told him that his uncle, the current king, killed him, and bequeathed to his son


Gregory David Roberts' Shantaram » h3> This book - a kind of confession of a man wrapped in an artistic image. Like the author, the protagonist is a fugitive from the law a lot of years. Having spent two years in prison, he became a smuggler in Bombay and took part in the war mafia India. But its main purpose was a real lost love, which he tried to find around the world.


Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany» h3> Novella describes friendship with Holly Golightly nameless narrator, which lasted for a year. Holly - woman, 18-19 years, which often attends social events looking for successful men. Narrator - aspiring writer. Holly shares with him tidbits of his life and candid opinions about New York.


Jean-Paul Sartre "Nausea» h3> Nausea - this is the essence of people being stuck "in the confusion of the day," abandoned to the mercy of alien, relentless, dreary reality. Nausea - is the inability to love and trust, inability to men and women to understand each other. It is that "the other side of despair", which is freedom. But - what to do with this cursed freedom of man, dying of loneliness ..


Erich Maria Remarque "spark of life» h3> Remarque very harmoniously linked the horrors of the concentration camps and the anthem of life. This book is about what is happening in the soul of people who plunged into the maelstrom of war. Of those who have no more freedom, hope, life. At that there was only so-called "spark of life" that supports them will to survive.


Hermann Hesse "The Glass Bead Game» h3> This book - a revelation to all readers. It describes a country that get the most talented scientists and purposeful people. All institutions in this country are subject to the game, collecting in a single whole the most perfect creations of human thought. But the human spirit, as always, is restless.


HG Wells
"The Invisible Man» h3> In this novel depicted the adventures of the protagonist - a mad and brilliant young physicist, naively think to a higher power over the world, but misunderstood, hunted, and finally crushed


Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go» h3> Kathy, Tommy and Ruud grew up in boarding school. Studied, they drew pictures, played in school performances. Over time, they learned that their fate - a donation. They have been specifically designed to save the terminally ill. And these children, it is not shocking. They are prepared to meekly to first become assistants and brighten up the last days of his comrades, and then get called by the notch.


William Golding "Lord of the Flies» h3> The group of young cadets of military schools miraculously saved after the crash of the aircraft transporting them. Together with the pilot they are on a deserted island all alone. Help nowhere to wait, and we should get used to the unusual conditions. Someone wants to be like adults. And some miles boyish games and fun, but the most brutal incarnation.


Stephen King "Breathing Method» h3> In New York, there is a club whose members talk on the history queue. "The mystery of the story, not the storyteller" - reads the inscription at the club. You are given the opportunity to become a temporary member of the club and hear the story of what a woman's ability to save his child.


Kurt Vonnegut
"Cat's Cradle» h3> The novel tells the story of the monstrous invention of the possessed Dr. Felix Hoenikker - substance "ice-nine", which can lead to the death of all mankind.


Charles Dickens' Great Expectations » h3> The game's story - the story of a young man named Pip, who soon left without parents and was raised flighty sister. Pipa cool gray life changes when he helps in the cemetery free from the shackles of an escaped convict. It is this act soon leads to a dizzying series of events in a young person's life.

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