10 facts about people who have survived to die

For centuries, our ancestors knew a simple truth: that to be, will be. The site tells the real story in the spirit of the popular thriller "Final Destination": about people who managed to escape death in a crash, only to die in another ...

1. She escaped the fire, but was broken in a car accident h2>

In January 2013, 21-year-old Jessica De Lima Rohl helped organize student parties in one of the Santa Maria Club. The girl herself was going to have a good rest, along with all but called her boyfriend Adriano and begged not to go there. Anticipation of Man has come true: at night there was a fire at the club, many visitors suffocated by toxic fumes, and someone just crushed while attempting to escape from the fire. Jessica stayed home and avoided painful death, but five days later she and Adriano died in a car crash in a collision with a truck at high speed.

2. Killed rescuers h2>

Ye Meng Yuan Chinese woman managed to survive the crash with Asiana Airlines landing in San Francisco, but was killed under the wheels of a fire truck. Rescuers have seen a Woman, flooded with foam, but considered dead and not reported to the driver who accidentally ran over her while extinguishing the aircraft. All the other passengers of the flight number 214, in addition to other girls Van Lignano, survived.

3. From bullets do not leave h2>

Young Blogersha and sports commentator Jessica Redfield miraculously got into a shootout in a shopping center in Toronto, but a month later was killed during a massacre in one of the theaters in Colorado. After the incident in Toronto she wrote in her diary that it does not leave a strange feeling, as if she had to die. Premonitions seldom deceive us. The death of Jessica found just a few weeks ...

4. I rescued from one of the aircraft, but died in the other h2>

Hilda Yolanda Mayol was able to survive during the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. She worked in a restaurant on the ground floor and had time to run out of it. But Hilda could not cheat death: two months later, she died along with 260 passengers American Airlines Flight 589 during a crash in Queens, when the aircraft broke off the engine and it fell in the suburbs of New York

5. He escaped death in a plane crash, but fell under the wheels of a drunk driver h2>

December 13, 1977 in Evansville airport, Indiana, crashed on takeoff aircraft DC-3. On board was a basketball team of the University of this city. Avoid death was only David Farr, who stayed home due to a serious ankle injury. However, two weeks later, he and his younger brother were shot to death by a drunken motorist.

6. Late for the flight h2>

It is believed that on the doomed flights, passengers do not have time more often than any other, but it does not always save us from death. Gantaler Johanna and her husband spent a vacation in Brazil and was late to the airport for a few minutes. Airplane Air France, flight 447, which was supposed to fly Gantaler crashed in the Atlantic Ocean at night. All 228 people on board were killed. The couple returned to Europe the following morning, and two weeks later Johanna Gantaler died under the wheels of the truck when her car was thrown into the oncoming lane.

7. The boy who survived the tornado bitten dog h2>

Five year old boy, survived the terrible tornado in Oklahoma in 2013, took to himself Lynn Göllingen of Arkansas, when his parents returned to the original place in an attempt to start all over again. Experienced shocks affected the nervous state of the child, and he had to cry. It did not like the dog Lynn. A huge mastiff furious boy attacked and bitten his head and neck. After a long struggle, the couple was able to ward off Göllingen enraged dog, but the boy died in hospital the next day.

8. I stepped on a mine - survived. Killed when saved h2>

In March 2009, three other Palestinians had a picnic near the village of Sde terumot Israel. One of them, Ahmad Salah Allah Agbar, accidentally went to a nearby field and stepped on a mine. Despite the almost certain death in this situation, Abgar survived the explosion and escaped with only a torn stupnёy. Military rescuers and sappers arrived by helicopter quite quickly, but did not dare to sit down and decide to evacuate Man by a line. At the height of a hundred meters from the ground node mysteriously loosened, and Alla Ahmed fell on all the same minefield, where he died almost immediately.

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