HOW TO GET RID five minutes from vertigo.

As with the click points on the face and body feel better as quickly shake the feeling of nausea?


To find this point, you need to put his left hand on the inside of the right so that the little finger touches the brush. In the center of the line on which the finger is touching the right hand, and it will be this point. You can massage the points on both hands.


This point is on the wrist. To find it, you need to make your left thumb between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. The "strip" between the phalanges of the thumb of the left hand should fall on the skin folds between the fingers of his right hand. In a place where the finger touches the pad of the brush, and is the point. Massage point on the one hand, go to another.

DOT number 3

It is just two points that are on the sides of the hand knuckle of the middle finger to the spot where phalanx joined to the joint. Press the following simultaneously on both sides.

* * *


Massage these two points is able to remove mild nausea or dizziness caused by motion sickness, or a sharp change in body position. When poisoning or diseases of the digestive system, they will not help and will not replace a serious treatment!


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