Did you know that the second sound can change your mood for the whole day?

Did you know that the second sound can change your mood for the whole day? To take advantage of this remarkable property of sounds you need to know the most enchanting of them.
This is what we today and you rasskazhem- of 9-most pleasant sounds to the human ear ...

№9. Crunching snow
Find not trampled and fresh, crisp snow in the city quite easy, but when it fails - it is time to relax, especially good for a romantic rendezvous. Of course, it is better to walk in the snow at night, so you can hear the crunch much better. Slightly upset by the fact that winter is only once a year, but after the summer there, something to listen to.

№8. Surf
Lucky for those who live in a city by the sea. Residents of these cities is carried out on the sea a lot of time, both in summer and winter. The noise of the surf lasts forever, and it would be possible to listen to it forever, if time allowed.

№7. Crackling logs
And it can be combined. Spend an evening at the sea, a bonfire - and then you can enjoy and surf, and the sound of crackling logs. However, this is only the summer entertainment, but it leaves such a strong impression that they have enough for the whole year.

№6. Babbling brook
In town to catch the pleasure of babbling brook sounds hard. Perhaps many urban residents heard the sound never meant for them to have a great excuse to go on vacation somewhere in the nature.

№5. Laughter
Laughter prolongs life, but at the same time creates a happy, good mood, and not only the one who laughs, and everyone else who just enjoy this mood.

№4. Rain fills the trough
Again, the sound of falling rain, but this time in a different context. On the Internet you can find a lot of creative work is related with this situation, which indicates that the rain creates a romantic mood.

No. 3. The sound of the fire
Koster is always comforting and capable person to enter into a trance, almost instantly. And the sound of the fire is very beneficial effect on the psychological state of the person.

№2. Singing birds in the morning
Duration: 10 minutes
One of the nicest alarms, right? And if in the morning when you wake up next to you and still purring cat - it's just heavenly delight.

№1. Breathing Universe
Despite the fact that we can not hear what you do not know, but just listen to yourself, your inner feelings we can realize our nature. We - a part of everything. This means that in this state we will be able to hear the very breath of Genesis. This can be achieved through meditation and complete openness and love for all. Well, the easiest way to find it in yourself - observe their own breath.


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