HOW Elemental Power can help comprehension of the feminine:

If we are not in tune with their feminine essence, you feel a lack of energy, prone to depression and physical ailments. As a result, we're having financial problems, we can not achieve its goal, we pursue failures at work and in their personal lives. Men are inclined to belittle or deny the merits of the feminine, experiencing a great shortage of fine creative energy. They can not realize their intentions associated with spiritual values, to show willpower they constantly lack energy. For good reason Lord Shiva is inseparable from his divine power - Shakti, through which He creates, preserves and destroys in its turn to all things.

From the viewpoint of astrology and Vedic culture manifested material world - a world of feminine energy, the creative energy of Shakti. It consists of the subtle energies of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

The Russian people, like many others, since ancient times conveyed their sacred knowledge through tales. The tale was part of a child at an early age as a coded pattern, the higher the commandments of life and the laws of the universe. You can cite as an example as reflected in the sacred knowledge of the four energies of the Russian fairy tale "Geese-swans". When Masha went to look for her brother, who was kidnapped geese, on her way there are a stove (the personification of fire energy) that asks to remove the baked cakes and try them. Apple, which asks to release her from the severe to be treated with apples and apples (the personification of earth energy). Milk River with milk and honey, which asked her to taste the milk and jelly pohlebat (personification of the power of water). And finally, do geese (the personification of air power), which act as an expression of movement, of change. With them, and there is the potential disclosure of the girls, the expansion of her mind: she has to show mercy and to begin to realize the fine relationship of things. All energies should get in touch with Masha - in pies, apples, pudding with milk, and only through compassion possible. When Masha responds to the request of Mother Nature, then she gets help from her. That is helping Nature, around the world, it helps itself.

EARTH - The energy of the earth as part of women's nature, gives us the support, stability, endurance, and - abundance and prosperity. When a person lacks this energy, it differs frivolous, unstable character. His promises can not be trusted, he can not overcome the difficulties in their path. In this case, it is necessary to work with the land, grow plants, to do manual labor, hatha yoga, mantra yoga, meditation, and here can help compliance with rigid rules and discipline. You can also note that the abundance and prosperity come only to those who developed the determination, willpower, self-discipline, hard work, self-discipline and the ability to overcome difficulties.

WATER - Energy Water gives us peace of mind, joy, flexibility, understanding of communication, emotion, intuition, subtlety and depth. It enables our bodies to feel, enjoy and express emotions. Ultimately, the ability to understand the feelings of happiness, contentment, peace, happiness gives us only the energy of water. When this energy we have is not enough, we find it hard to relax, we are bleak, tense and not sensitive to the surrounding beauty. In this case, it is necessary to focus on compassion, caring and helping others, you need as much as possible, to communicate with the energy of water and meditate on it in nature in the form of rain, creek, river, sea, ocean.

FIRE - Energy subtle essences of fire, as the creative energy of the feminine essence, gives us the willpower, enthusiasm, inspiration, brightness, clearness, the pursuit of excellence, the inner light and fire, which is called charisma. It is this energy allows you to overcome any obstacles to soar to incredible heights of the human spirit, to inspire and to lead, to be a hero, to gain fame, love, adore their job and live a rich, full of incredible, wonderful life of adventure. When this energy we have little manifested, it is difficult to bring the case to the end, we did not have enough determination, confidence, courage, strength, energy and inspiration. Increase the energy of fire in the body can be due to the visual impression of a landscape, pictures and other beautiful things, thanks to sports, the development of a creative potential, as well as through the practice of yoga bandhas, pranayama, kriya yoga, and other practices. On the contrary, when this energy we have too much, it starts to act destructively, and we are prone to irritability, aggressiveness, aggressiveness, impulsivity and poor judgment. In this case, it is advisable to engage in self-control, and drinking warm milk and butter ghee.

AIR - Energy provides air contact with the world of ideas. It is thanks to her we think, talk, communicate, interested, learn, formulate their thoughts, write, read, do something with your hands. It is through her comes to us awareness, discovery, wisdom. Concepts such as friendship, brotherhood, freedom, dedication, ethics, aesthetics, culture and the ability to exercise them - there thanks to the energy of air. Everything that concerns the intellect, the ability to use it - it displays subtle substance element of air. This energy has a huge creative and formative force, because, as you know, the thought is material. This original logo. And if there is no thought, there is no image. No way - not emotions. No emotions - is not objective. No goals - no results. Increase air energy can be self-taught, control your thoughts, maximum awareness and responsibility for their positive and negative thoughts and constructivism, and of course through pranayam, and Raja Yoga.


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