The words of a real man!

Recently, we were visiting our friends - a couple. After dinner, I, as usual, began to help his wife to clear the table and began to wash the dishes. For our family it is a usual thing. I can not say that in the house when I wash the dishes, but I do not see anything special and a number of the ordinary. In my opinion, I help your woman is the first duty of man.

Watching my actions, the wife of a friend, not without envy in her voice, said to her husband: "Look here, and you're even a bowl for a clean home can not!". To which the husband replied, "And you tell me then what?". I immediately arose a counter-question: "Have you something to her why? Tamagotchi, for which you want to clean and which need to be fed, it can also upload to your phone ».

I never understood this attitude many men in its second half. Why do you think that it's only household chores women's duty? And what then men? Nail into the wall to score? But wait, you nail into the wall every day slaughter, and household chores to do every day. Why is all of this must lie on fragile female shoulders?

When I began to speak, these other reasons, he was indignant: "Our grandfathers of the Pocono centuries lived like: women of the economy followed, and the men work! And earlier in women more responsibilities were: the house and the cattle, water from the well and pulled into the stove to cook. And now they have all the comforts of home, machine, steam iron, dishwasher and Multivarki: they do not need to do anything, so the dishes she can wash herself, and I get tired at work ».

I agree that our grandmother was not easy, and modern women helps appliances. But now women are also working on an equal footing with men (I am not talking about "dolls eyes" vocation which have accessories). In our family, so it is got: we come home from work, I help his wife make dinner and get out, then the rest together. I believe that my woman is not obliged to be a whole evening at the stove and sink, one with a child to engage in, and then tired to fall to the ground. I want to see next to a beautiful and tormented wife household chores. This is, first of all, my business. If I do not help her, and that she did not have the energy and time for himself and me, respectively. Otherwise, what am I man and defender, if I can not help my beloved?

A friend once said that he has a mistress.

"Why?" - I was surprised. What friend replied: "Yes, I was tired from his wife. I was bored with her, she is constantly in the kitchen, always dissatisfied with something, endlessly tinkering with the child, is not for watching, her eternal headache ... we have once a month and the primitive. Changed after the wedding ... That's new - beautiful, always well-groomed ... magical. We had a lot of time together, it is interesting to me with her. " I asked: "And now that you're divorced?" The friend was genuinely surprised: "No, of course! What for? My wife suspects nothing. At home I always clean and cooked that I still have? ».

I felt so ugly and unpleasant ... even more disgusted when I realized that so many of my friends think. What is the consumer attitude to women? How so? While she was young and beautiful - it was needed, but now it is possible and a new look? And then let the wife do all the washing and obglazhivaet? It is so low! Well, we're not animals after all! Family - is a huge and hard work for two! And only together can build a strong and united family. And if you care to throw everything at the woman she just does not have time for anything else.

My dear friends, this is not your wife have changed, that changed your attitude towards them. Until you met before the wedding, you gave them flowers, gifts, compliments, went on a date. What are you doing after the wedding? You come home at night, waiting until his wife cook dinner, and then sit down at the computer or TV. Over the weekend, go to his friends without his wife.

It is so? And it is all the time engaged in cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, children. How she would have the strength and most importantly the desire to freshen up and smile at you, like before, when you met?

Frankly (although, I'm sure many men will not believe me), I've never cheated on his wife. I'm not going, I do not need.

Why waste your time on trifles? Deceive? Why risk what you have built together for many years? And I do not need another, I am my wife's more than enough, she is my friend and lover and wife. I think if you love a woman - and the other is not necessary. And if you do not like - so be a man - honestly confessed to her in this and walk on all four sides. Just before the wedding, if you liked a good girl and lacquer, and after the wedding, she became a bore, it is you are primarily to blame for this!


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