Be careful and follow these rules energy purity. Take care of yourself!

Poor, when the house is no power, but when it is filled with negative energy - even worse. It brings not only fatigue and irritability, quarrels and leakage of money, but also sickness and even destruction of the family. That's why the house must be cleaned from time to time.

How do you know that your home has accumulated negative energy and in need of "treatment"? This will tell you the following features:

There are cockroaches, ants and other insects;
Missing or lost items;
Ill residents and pets;
I feel bad, if not dying flowers and house plants;
Too often burn out bulbs;
Too often broken appliances;
We hear strange noises and sounds;
There are bad smells no apparent reason and their source;
Doors slamming by themselves and vents;
Constantly dripping or running water, leaking pipes;
Domestic quarrel all the time;
In households incomprehensible sleepiness, apathy, fatigue;
Sleep brings refreshment, bad dreams or heavy;
The houses were strangers, whose sincerity is in serious doubt;
In the house someone had died.
If any of the above three points are the same, you need to think about how to treat your home.

How to cure your home?
Get rid of the negative energy is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To cope with this problem, you can use simple rules. Make a clean energy should be 3-4 times a year, like usual general cleaning the apartment.

1. Cleansing own negative energy.
Before you start cleaning the house, remove negative energy from yourself. To do this, take a shower, but not simple, but with salt. The fact that the salt is a power conductor. It can accumulate both positive and negative energy. A salt dissolved in water is able to wash away the negative energy that has accumulated not only the day, but for many years, that is to destroy the entire energy mud, from which you may be unaware of this, so long suffered.

So, get up into the shower, and then we put on wet skin massage ordinary table salt. Try to cover all surfaces, except for the hair, but do not rub salt very much, do it gently so as not to feel discomfort.

Then stand back under the shower and rinse off the salt water. This mentally refer to water with a request to you to wash off all the bad things.

Select words on his frame of mind, please refer to the water as a living being, as long as it was sincere and your words were from the heart. You will immediately become a good and light in the soul, and the body becomes light and extremely clean. Water and salt will cleanse your body and soul. You feel that you have got rid of some heavy burden. And it will be right, because energy is the mud that washed away the water, really, really hard for people.

2. Preparations for the purification of energy at home.
And now came the turn of the energy to do cleaning in your home. Dress as easy as possible, it is better if it's dressing gown or tracksuit. You should not have any decorations - no metal or leather or plastic.

You must be completely energy-neutral. Throughout the house or apartment where you live, go to the window, and if possible - and the windows and doors. Do not be afraid of a draft, it will go through all the negative energy. Let the people who do not take part in cleaning, leave the house. Send households in a movie or a walk, so they do not interfere with you to do cleaning.

So the first thing to do when starting to "cure" your home - it's to get rid of old and unwanted things. Remember, everything that you do not use more than a year, collects negative energy.

Ruthlessly discard or give away things you do not need - to make room for the new and desired! All Repair the broken equipment, and if it is impossible to fix - without regret, get rid of it. Do not hoard your unwanted books, magazines and other paper - you can donate unwanted books in the library, and the paper put in the trash items receiving paper.

Never store broken dishes at home, even one in which there is a small crack. Through her out positive energy, and together with her family and household well-being. Especially dangerous is cleaved dishes, it forms a strong positive charge leakage.

Do not hoard dirty dishes! Left overnight gather dirty dishes in your home a hotbed of subtle beings (spirits and ghosts), which feed on the remaining smells food, it's bad impact on your physical and mental health. The Vedas say that if the house remains or accumulates dirty dishes, then the person has to leave the house before sunset.

Do not accumulate trash and dirty clothes, wash it as often as possible and follow the status of your items - if you can not repair them yourself, give it to a repair or a sewing workshop. You might wonder how to change your life and your relationship if you just bring order in his closet!

So you got rid of the rubbish, simultaneously restore order in the house, as in the conventional cleaning. Now wipe the mirror all that is in the house. To do this, take a damp cloth and make a circular motion hand clockwise. Only in this way with visible dust, the dirt will leave power.

Try to remember how many years are you a mirror - so much and make a circle with a wet cloth. Then you completely destroy all the accumulated over the years of negative information. If you do not remember how many years the mirror, do thirteen laps.

3. perfumed and sprinkles.
You will need a few sprigs of Hypericum, thistle and heather. Prepare also a basin of water. It can be structured (preferably thawed) or a saint, but in any case no water.

First, sprinkle every corner of the house with water, then soak her hands and face and not wiping, allow to dry. After that burn the branches of plants and fumigate the apartment, carrying smoldering branches in all the corners. Making clean, mentally visualize how energy escapes the dirt.

4. Cleaning up the house with the help of a candle.
You will need some fine church candles, but you can use regular economic white candle.

Take a candle and put it on a small circle cut out of white paper. It is necessary to protect your hands from the negative energy, which will absorb the melted wax.

Light a candle and, slowly, walk around the house with it, moving clockwise. Start driving with the front door - is the most important gate of negative energy. Therefore, the door should be given particular attention. Stand at the front door from the outside and spend it on the perimeter of the candle left.

Properly treat candle peephole door and all its surface, not forgetting the handle and call. Then proceed to the treatment of the inside of the doors, making all the same.

We must understand that correctly treating the door, you can be sure that negative information will not penetrate into your home.

Now move on the perimeter of the apartment in a clockwise direction. Look into all the dark corners, do not forget the furniture, particularly in the hallway, shoes and clothes. Pay special attention to windows, mirrors, corners and hangers, because they accumulate a lot of energy mud.


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