20 unique archival photographs that have impressed

In this collection you will find a lot of familiar faces - in those situations and perspectives, which have not seen before! And it's very interesting - seen such unexpected kadry.Redaktsiya Website presents you a selection of truly rare archival photographs.

Dagestanka, 1910 h3> 100afd622d.jpg

1950, the United States. They, too, while the boys dreamed of space h3> 62ec0fa940.jpg

secretary h3> 0b2febb4ce.jpg

Stag, 1870 h3> 15bad671d5.jpg

Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson h3> 5fc6748289.jpg

The coronation of Nicholas II, the Moscow 1896 h3> a661acbd06.jpg

Galina Volchek and dad Boris Israilevich h3>

Melanie Griffith and her pet lion h3>

Pasternak and his first wife h3> 8c29b74569.jpg

Sean Penn h3> c5129d751a.jpg

Footballers Moscow "Dynamo" in London, in November 1945 h3> a53751d719.jpg

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his wife Consuelo 1930 h3> 4e7ad58b75.jpg

Opening of fountains in Peterhof 1983 h3> 268ac2da2c.jpg

The first Apple computer in 1976 h3> 18e5859583.png

The young Robert De Niro h3> a258692ffd.jpg

The legendary Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, which destroyed 309 fascists, on the cover of the American magazine in 1944. h3> 2f601ef9d2.jpg

Bruce Lee and family h3> 60ca1b486d.jpg

Audrey Hepburn h3> 8fe771ee33.jpg

Albert Einstein h3> 4726c3d85c.jpg

Carmen Peche - the pilot of the Spanish Republican Army h3> 0e46e8cf82.jpg

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