Historical facts in unique archive photo

I suggest a little history through rare archival photographs.

1958. The first TV in Malta

1939. The German Army is preparing for the parade in occupied Warsaw

1973. Brezhnev proposed a toast to the health of the Nixon

1933. Hitler, Goering and Hindenburg at the opening of the memorial at Tannenberg. At this point it was stopped the offensive of the Russian army in 1914 (Samsonovskaya catastrophe). Memorial was blown sappers Wehrmacht in January 1945 in connection with the approach of the Soviet troops.

1959. "Black Day" - a day in which the zoo Memphis go only negros

1946. Orphaned after World War II US Navy ships on conservation in San Diego

1944. V-1 falls on London

1973. Muammar Gaddafi met with British hippies

1914. A French soldier fires his rifle his slain comrade



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