Work on your body. Healing.

Before going to bed an experiment. Relax lying Feel every cell of your body, not once, but piecemeal. One can start for example with skin cells. Tune in to their vibrations, feel all the skin on her, all entirely. What it is smooth as it covers you, hiding from the cold and heat. Thank her for that. Every cell.

Feel how it grows like breathing, like the formation of new cells. Turned his attention to the face. The dream of all women no wrinkles - it is subject to all of you. You have to feel the energy of each cell, only then you will be able to cooperate with it.

Now all the processes occurring in your body unconsciously, at the subconscious. Did you know that yoga are able to stop the heart and slow processes in the organism. It is subject to, and you. The main thing: a clear and clean (uncontaminated by other promises) intention and gratitude.

You should hear how they breathe, grow, ring. Each organ ringing in his (at different frequencies). And you can hear that if this vibration something not ring, then there is a problem, disease processes. When you hear the ring such as skin cells, the mood in their vibration. Now listen to the sound of this, it must be pure tone. If not, then the problem somewhere.

"Walk" inner sense of the whole space of the body and find the wrong point of the sound. You have to help them. Adjust these cells to the sound of a tuning fork. How? Universal means - love. Express your love. Lead them the best and most positive energy and feelings that you are directed to your child when you want to help her.

Calm them, talk with them, tell them that everything will be fine, and now you cure them. Fill them with light and love and they respond (you hear), and will be succeeded by a new force. The process is simple. It's like your children. I love them Love your body, because if no one likes to live, it is ill and may die. Nobody can live without love. Even the cells of your body. Now God loves them and cares about them. Falling in love with them too, and thank you for the fact that they provide all of the processes in your body, believe me it's not easy.

They have no weekends and days off, they work for you and love you every second. If they did not like you, it might happen irreparable. Many illnesses, especially cancers related to the rupture of the soul energy with the energy of the body. At the moment of growth. You can learn how to manage the process of cell renewal. But if strongly accelerate growth, can form a variety of neoplasms. Therefore, we ask only that they are tuned to the vibrations of the universe (when you send them love you, too, adjust them to the vibrations of the universe, because the whole universe is filled with vibrations of love and light) were purified and worked with you.

They are part of you and can not change the direction of their own energies. If these negative processes take place, this is a consequence of your actions, thoughts and words. All the teams in their development come from your brain. For example did you decide that you no longer need to have children, and in thy womb began negative processes, which almost led to its removal. That would be tantamount to disconnect from the divine energy of the parent space. And all this only because of your mysley.I only by your thoughts about what you do not want to lose this body, you have brought to the operation and after hours of pain was 9-cleaning program. Let your wishes come from your heart.

When you have something hurts, mentally get in touch with that body, seeing the mind's eye that part of your body, give thanks for what she hears you and responds. Relax it, feel the cell that hurt. If somewhere hurt, then something is not working somewhere stagnation.

All Life is a continuous movement. Imagine how clean energy cleans this area of ​​your body, how to start the movement of life in this area. Be calm and patient, and they will respond to your call. Gradually, you can clear all the cells of your body, learn how to manage them. This ancient people were able to do, so they lived for a long time, as they could manage the processes of aging.


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