20 photos with greetings from the past

Photos - a time machine, which can be carried out for several years and even centuries ago. And the older they get, the more valuable and more interesting turn.

< Website I have made a selection of frames on the important events and people from around the world.

Yuri Nikulin - a big fan of cars and dogs 1976

Young Elvis Presley, 1950

California with loggers felled redwoods, 1915

Albert Einstein was among the Indians, 1922

The first "Miss Russia" Marina Chaliapin, 1931

Detained female fortuneteller, New York, 1943

Saving Private burro, 1940.

Michael Jordan to learn to play Michael Jackson 1992

Chester McDuffie near patented diving suit weighing 250 kg, 1911

The first team of Google, only the beginning, in 1999

Workers and managers at the car, Moscow, 1954

Yuri Gagarin, Alexei Leonov, Boris Volynov Victor Gorbatko picnic Dolgoprudny, 1963

On carve Mount Rushmore of George Washington, the United States, 1932

American astronaut Charles Duke left the family photos on the lunar surface. On the reverse side the inscription: "This is the Duke family astronaut from Earth," 1972

When there were no alarms, there was a profession - budilschik, UK, 1900

The graduate school Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, 1987

Ken Westerfield with a dog, through which the world learned about plate frisbee 1970

Buzz Aldrin and the first self in space 1966

The five-year Sylvester Stallone, 1951

Steve Jobs playing with her daughter Eva, Foothills Park, Palo Alto, 2002

Few saw those rare historical photos
Fasting is really rare shots

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