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It's no secret that the actor Sacha Baron Cohen little "greetings." At the 65th Cannes Film Festival, he arrived in limousines, like most stars, and a camel named Osama (animal instantly became popular) in the image of the hero of his new film "The Dictator." Moreover, the British comedian has surprised a lot of the audience, coming to every passer-by in the Arab robe and beards and offering to see his new movie.

Colombian authorities and, therefore, Colombian police against the free trade agreement between Colombia and the US, so the students, acting "for" being frustrated in their attempts to influence the current law. Police throws the students with tear gas.

«Forbes» Jennifer Lopez named most powerful celebrity. The singer topped the ranking for the first time, compiled on the basis of revenue of stars and their popularity (frequency of appearances on television, in the press, on the Internet).

In Minsk prespokoynenko moose I ran through the park, but the happiness did not last long: soon caught a moose.

The Palestinians and izrailtsy can not get along. So the other day photographers captured their clashes outside Ofer prison, where Palestinians are the actions of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. Izrailtsy were against this behavior and decided to restore justice (who has committed a crime he should suffer in prison all) and stoned Palestinians, who in turn not to funk - created a makeshift barricade and started to defend himself.

In India, it was built a lot of self-made "shower" of bottles, under which Indians fleeing from the heat at railway stations. Basically this work w / d.

Nigerian schoolgirl studying the Latin alphabet and is trying to learn to read using special plates issued by an educational institution. Apparently books out there is not that there is, but clearly not enough ...

Chinese seller resting directly on the job. Seller metal apparently exceeded the plan.

Police foaming at the mouth disperse protesting harsh economic measures, which recently conducted in Europe. Participants of the protest decided to bring the police a lot of trouble, fully painted in white paint. Guardians of the order had not only to breathe the construction mess, but also a bit dirty yourself.

In the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, burned down 150 makeshift shacks. The fire is spreading in the slums so fast that it does not have time to blink, so long as the fire went from little houses nothing left. Ten people suffered burns. In the photo a former resident of one of the shacks in a pile of ashes looking for what he can still be useful ...

Tierra Blanca de Cartago, Costa Rica: Farmers are actively working on their plantations onion.


On the second day of the Cannes Film Festival red carpet there were mastodons cinema world: Bill Murray greets fans and photographers come, Bruce Willis (now four times Dad) stands proudly, and Wes Anderson takes all the action on your camera. Just a memory.

Black box of crashed plane in Indonesia «Sukhoi SuperJet 100" was easily found soon after the tragedy. Now you only have to decipher the records and find out the true cause of the fall. By the way, Russia has decided to help Indonesia and from Moscow to Jakarta already delivered special equipment for decoding.

Chilean students and students staged a demonstration, speaking for the reduction in the cost of higher education. The protesters, though demanded that the government reform of higher education, which in Chile is considered one of the most expensive in the world, but they did not. As a result of dispersal of the rally a few people were injured, 70 protesters were arrested.

The Arizona National Park Prescott still raging fires. Many have worried that the fire gets to the settlements, which is really scary, because some of the neighborhood is home to many people. Clean environment has been shaken.

10 years ago, "Spiegel Grove" has evolved from a craft into an artificial reef, well, the other day the divers decided to visit the ship near the island of Key Largo in honor of the anniversary.

In the Pacific, there was a collision of two American warships, so that both vessels got light injuries.

This elderly woman in a white headscarf name Meira Dzogaz and she came to the cemetery is not just. Meira, praying at the graves of his two sons dead on the second day of the trial against former Bosnian General Ratko Mladic. Dzogaz family - her husband, three sons and a grandson were killed in the Srebrenica massacre in 1995, which is considered the bloodiest since the Second World War ...

Warm breath of butterflies and flowers have already chosen. Photos from the USA:

In Cuba hosted the 11th annual exhibition of contemporary art. On the canvas copy of Leonardo da Vinci, an improved designer young minds.


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