There are people - "Sunset" and the people - "Dawn"


Irina Samarin maze. em>

There lyudi- "sunsets" and lyudi- "dawns»,
Some people with the negative, the other with "Hello».
But those with a "hello" - often smiling,
Those that "decline", are usually unhappy.

With some talking, you feel cold,
With others in the seventies, it seems young.
And you charge the light from one,
On the other it does not have a clock.

But if you give cheloveku- "sunset»
A piece of heat that disappeared once,
And do not blame that on the heart sad,
He, too, wants and warm, and warm.

After all, people-Sunset as people-dawns,
I would like to buy a ticket to happiness,
But just to love unselfishly feared,
Therefore, angry and hurt bite.

And people-dawn are also
People with a negative, similar to cloud ...
When gratitude in my heart disappears,
That sky sunrises sunset turns.

I too am sometimes on edge,
But I know with the dawn of sadness go away.
And let someone say, "She's greetings ...»
There lyudi- "sunsets" and lyudi- "dawn».

A little good poetry:
She came in, very gray ... Eduard Asadov
How many of those with whom you can go to bed. Eduard Asadov
That's the woman. Polina Sanaeva



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