Here is the sunrise on different planets

sun, without which it is impossible to imagine life on our planet. And we all remember well the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises from which it is simply impossible otorvatsya.No can you imagine what it looks like a heavenly body on other planets? Digital illustration by Ron Miller (Ron Miller), who has spent decades portraying the cosmic space, will help us in this.

< Website offers to make a journey and learn how the Sun appears on each of the eight other planets.


Mercury is distant from the Sun 60 million km, it is 39% of the distance from Earth to the sun. A Merkuriysky Dawn 3 times bigger and brighter than on Earth.

Venus 31,411,146

Sonce that "almost" can be seen from Venus is at a distance of 108 million km (72% of the distance from Earth to the Sun). Because of the dense gas clouds, it is there like a stain on a cloudy day.


Martian star located 230 million km is one and a half times farther than Earth. But to see it not interfere with the distance and

dusty wind, rising up to the atmosphere.

And this is how the Sun looks to Europe, one of Jupiter's moons. Jupiter is more, 779 million km and it is 5, 2 times the distance of the Earth from the sun. Sunlight passes through the atmosphere it highlights ring of red light.


Saturn is perhaps one of the most recognizable planets. Sun from Saturn in the 1, 5 billion kilometers farther (9, 5 times farther than Earth is from the Sun), but does not shine less brightly. Rays due to water and gas crystals refracted, creating incredible optical effects such as halos and false sun.


Ariel - one of the satellites of Uranus cold, but incredibly extensive sunrises. The sun here almost does not heat because there is a distance of about 2, 8 billion kilometers, which is 19 times greater than the distance of the Earth and the sun.

Neptune 76,803,976

< br> The Sun as it is with Triton, one of Neptune's moons. The distance between them is 4, 5 billion kilometers (30 times the Earth-Sun). Huge geysers of dust and gas obscure the already tiny little star.


A small point of light, so it looks like the sun in the most distant planet. The distance from the Sun to Pluto 6 billion kilometers (40 times larger than the Earth from the Sun). Light on Pluto to 1600 times fainter than on the ground, but still 250 times brighter than the full moon on the Earth.

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