Greetings from the Soviet Union! 32 things from the past, which so bored by our grandmothers.

The farther away the events and things, the more they are idealized. A few decades ago, it was the grass is greener and tastier sausage, and generally live better and more fun. And if you're just a little remember these times, then take some time and ponostalgiruy us.

And let the younger generation puzzled shrugs, but some photos of things from the past touched even the biggest cynic. By the way, most of them are still functioning, but not so on a variety of newfangled technology.

This phone can be seen in any home or office.

And who remembers the old pay phones?

Booths for them to do for ages, "Crying girl in the machine," and so on.

Severe childhood, cast iron toys and such a pot.

who did not have "baby", so erased.

If the switch was lost on such a TV, you can easily use the pliers.

Radiola - and now it does not get it.

indispensable attribute of every home - a wall with crystal. The larger crystal, well, you understand ...

Tula hunky - "Ant».

Equalitarianism in action - a girl with a bow, boys with shoulder straps.

With the package the school was cool.

Steeper only diplomat.

There are several technologies that allow quietly erase bad marks from the diary.

Pedal car - and you have a bunch of friends.

A very epic cigarettes.

Most of the events could not possibly do without this here is intoxicating.

tricycle may have different shapes and colors and have almost everyone.

Avoska ... bag full of holes, but very practical.

Standard Model mailbox.

ice creams in paper cups, was just delicious waffle.

Machines with soda, glasses disappeared from there rarely.

The siphon was not at all.

MC 21-12 rifle quite expensive at the time, by the way Babakhan until now.

Sweatshirt - simple, practical and very inexpensive.

Gold teeth, almost all lost relatives.

Mink hat - that her presence was determined by social status.

All hairdressers country here was this strange machine.

About the spirits too, especially not bother: female version

male version.

The missile hydrofoil, waves of it were simply hold on.

Running Romik, eerily expensive, but very comfortable.


Whatever it was, life goes on and you need to move on to the ships that sail the cosmos and to the victory of the laboring class of the damned capitalism. But if you like our stuff, so close to, but at the same time infinitely distant time, share with your friends a piece of good mood. You can be sure they will like it too.

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