Popular names at different times. Because children love to call the nineteenth century to the present day.

I think all parents to name their newborn child - is not easy. Well, if you have prepared a few variants of favorite names in advance, but so do the unity ... In most cases, over what is the name of your child choose, thinking only after his birth. Now the fun begins! Some are carefully reviewing the calendar celebrating a holiday, while others referred to the child in honor of someone. Some moms and dads do not bother and simply choose a name that is popular and is constantly on the ear. There is not complete without a historical, cultural and even political peculiarities.

About that, what the names were popular, since the nineteenth century, today you just tell our editorial staff.

nineteenth century - 1910
Among female names first place is the name of Mary, and men - Ivan. It is interesting that for every 1 245 000 people had to Ivanov. It's almost a quarter of the population! In the early twentieth century, you could also meet a lot of Anastasius, Catherine, Anne, and Vasily Alexandrov.

The feverish revolutionary times kids just suffered its name: Roble ("Born to be a Leninist") Lorierik ("Lenin, the October Revolution, industrialization, electrification, radio and communism"), Oyushminalda ("Otto Schmidt on the ice"). And where do without the famous Dazdraperma ("Long live May Day┬╗)!

Since the 30s, happily forgotten about unusual names. Girls are most called Galina, Ninami, Valentino, and the boys - Anatoly, Boris, Gennady and Leonid. In addition, after the publication of the book Arkady Gaidar "Timur and his team" Turkic name Timur became one of the most popular in the USSR.

The country raised from the ruins, again remembered about Ivan and Marys. And closer to the 50th, and begat many Lyudmil Valentin Sergeyev, Vladimir Alexandrov.

During this period there were many Alekseev, Alexander and Sergey. But thanks to Gagarin's flight into space most of uttering Yuriev. Among the girls had a lot of Rimm, Zlat and Renata.

Once all staring soap opera "The Rich Also Cry", "Santa Barbara", "Slave Izaura" immediately born a huge amount of Marius and Marianne Rose. Since frequent marriages with foreigners, it has become fashionable to call Eves daughters, Jeanette, Magda, and sons - Eduardo, Alex. Although no such "exotic" Yuille, Cach, Light, Val Andreev, Antonov, Vladimir, Wan, Mish and Pash was also abound.

1990 XXI Century
And now the parents loved the old Russian names. Girls quite often called Lyubava, Praskovya, Aksinya, Pauline, Ulyanov, and the boys - Daniel Ignatov, Prokhorov, Zahara. Name Anastasia, popular in the nineteenth century, again at the top.

Of course, the dry statistics is hardly credible at 100%, but it has a great deal of truth. To be honest, I was particularly pleased with the years 1910-1930! If you believe that the information will interest your friends, then with just one click of a mouse share it.

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