Popular names in Russia

This small study - the popularity of personal names in Russia and Russian cities. It is based on data from accounts of bloggers and users of social networks. According to Yandex, Russia's most Alexandrov and Elena.

Approximately 30% of the surveyed accounts were not given full names, and various derivatives. More than half of them - are women's names in the diminutive form (Elenushka, Lerusik, Aygulechka etc.). About 2% of users indicated the names with typos (Adeksandr, Aleksky), no name (blonde companion, strawberry) or numbers and special characters (2010@).

Most users prefer to write the names in Cyrillic - as were 90% of the surveyed registered accounts. In most Latin - almost half of the cases - his name is recorded users Facebook. The network "VKontakte" in Latin signed up about 10% of the participants.

In most Russian cities on the top of the rankings are the same names. The exceptions are some national regions: the republics of the North Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkiria. In Vladikavkaz, for example, the most common name - Alan, in Grozny and Makhachkala - Magomed, and in Ufa and Kazan in the top five rankings included the name of Ruslan.

Source: company.yandex.ru


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