22 truths that will help you to wake up:

Live a worthwhile life, to do what has long dreamed of and not regret it. Of course, it is not easy, and there is no guarantee that you will succeed. But it is possible if to develop the right attitude and make everything without reserve, the effort you can muster. Here are 22 simple truths that will help this tune. Let some of them are a little bit hard, but they will help to quickly understand the laws of life.

The best indicator of your level of consciousness - how do you cope with life's difficulties. The difficulties of an unconscious person tends to sink deeper into unconsciousness and conscious one becomes more aware. Any problem can be used to wake up or go to sleep more deeply.

1. No one will tell you what you need for happiness and success.

How would like to sometimes rely on other people, so they told you what to do, and he was right. Not to do if some go to fortune-tellers, or shift the responsibility for their own happiness on older relatives?

Nevertheless, no one can help you in this matter and many others related to such important things as your happiness and success. There will have to rely only on yourself, your life experience, intuition and feelings.

2. The cases that we are doing well, are not necessarily good for us.

Much worse quickly move in the wrong direction than slowly - in the right. Ask yourself, especially if you are doing what has always dreamed of?

Even if you are good at any business, but it takes you farther from your dream, you will have to abandon it. The sooner you do, the less you lose your precious time.

3. The most unhappy people - those who are thinking about someone else's opinion.

We have already talked about it, but when it comes to dreams and happiness, just not to mention the common barrier.

You do not have to prove and can be anyone. Let other people's opinions will be for you to just the information and not limitation, which can not be overcome.

4. The surrounding people can make you better or break.

Even the most positive and strong person surrounded by whiners, sufferers and people with no dreams and goals, sooner or later turn into one of them. That is our nature, so surround yourself with people who inspire you, and not pull back.

5. Do not pretend to be honest.

If you are a real and direct communication, it does not make you the most popular and favorite person, but will provide true friends and necessary contacts.

6. You will always be terribly flawed.

If you wait until become "ideal" to talk about their stories, ideas and talent to the world, he will never know about you.

7. Comfort - is the worst killer of dreams.

You can stay in comfort and to strive towards its goal. There is no third.

8. You can not change something with which refuses to fight.

If you want a new life, will have to abandon the old. If you want what never had, you must do something never done before.

But you never give up on something old, until you decide for yourself where you want to be. And when you decide, do not be afraid to start over, to build what you really want.

After 10 failed startups will be 11 minutes, which will bring you millions. Can not only the people who give up on the way to its goal.

9. We all make choices, but in the end we make a choice.

Your choice is between what has happened and what will happen in the future. You is what it is - is not the result of circumstances, and the result of your choice. Do not allow your fears to build your future.

10. The only way of "want" to "have" - ​​the path of action.

11. Our dreams become a reality only when we make them a reality.

They say that dreams come true, in any case, if you allow yourself to have something dreamed about. Active actions help to believe that you are worthy of their dreams. And then everything will come to pass.

12. The winners are winning not because it happened, but because they have decided.

Promise yourself something wonderful, and then do whatever is necessary to fulfill that promise. You were born to be successful. But in order to become one, you need to plan, prepare, and expect to work at it every day. There are no secrets to success. Success - is a never-ending process and a way of life.

13. If you do not give for their achievement, it would not be so valuable.

To pay that price. Much better to be tired from a good and important work than what you do not do anything.

14. Problems - a part of any success stories.

If you have a problem - it's good. This means that you are moving towards your goal, learning and growing. No problems there is only the one who does nothing.

15. Focusing on small problems - the biggest mistake of mankind.

Train yourself to think differently. The negative thing not need your attention, seven days a week. Instead, think about pleasant moments of your favorite people and view.

Great success stories, observing and using good opportunities, not finding and solving every little problem.
16. Failure is inevitable and necessary.

The failure can be your teacher, not an enemy. This is a lesson, not a loss.

17. In life what you want and what are striving for, are rarely the same ideal.

After all, when you make all that possible, you will reach your goal, but it may not be exactly what you presented.

Just remember that most of life's greatest gifts is optionally packaged the way you expect it.

18. You are where they should be at this moment.

Even if something goes wrong, how you want. Even if you feel that you have to cancel everything and start from scratch. Every step of the way, and the experience that you gain needed.

19. You can not change the past, but you can ruin the present, worrying about the future.

You are in the present moment. Concentrate on it. Tomorrow is what should happen.

20. You will not be able to live a happy life with a negative outlook.

The most important character trait that is present in any successful person - a positive attitude. Your attitude toward life determines how well you will live.

21. Life is constantly changing and often does so unexpectedly.

Yes, life changes, and you can change with it. When you break apart the circumstances out of your control, it takes time to decide on their own values ​​and to review them. Have the courage to make a choice when the time comes, get the strength to pursue the case and the belief that everything will turn out the way you want.

22. When you spend your time on experience, you use your imagination to create things, which you do not want.


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