HOW calm a person?

Girlfriend threw the guy and she - in hysterics? You do not know how to comfort a man who has just been fired from his job? If you follow our advice, you will learn quickly to help distraught companion.

1. Give the other person to talk. If a person does not start a conversation, ask him to tell all the details of what happened. Listen to him without interrupting. This is very important because phrases like "Be above", "Yes, it's the little things" or "Pull yourself together!" Often do not help, on the contrary, the person being bullied. Companion seems that you do not care of his problem and you condemn his behavior, while not giving advice on how to change the situation. It is better to listen to his friend, sometimes agreeing with him and fully entered into its position. So he gradually calmed down.

2. If the source is irritated, then crying, then laughing, be patient. Let hysteria will allow a person to get rid of all the accumulated feelings - because of it, he quickly get rid of emotional arousal. If one is clamped, can say, "Do not be ashamed of their feelings Throw all that is in the soul».

3. That the person felt your support and your own security, hug him, to push yourself or take a hand. Even minimal physical contact will help him relax and calm down.

4. Ask your buddy, can you do to help in this situation. Perhaps it will even help to resolve specific problems, and extra hours spent together, or a delicious dinner cooked by you.

5. How to calm a person, when hysteria continued for over an hour? Tell him: "If you seriously - cry. But just listen to what I'm asking and answering. Look at this thing, what is it? "The man will gradually monosyllabic answer the most simple questions, and the need to include logical thinking, ie, to use the left hemisphere of the brain, gradually drown emotions that are associated with the work of the right hemisphere. So quickly removed affective tension.

6. During prolonged hysterics can also try to bring man back to life the hard way - slap, sharply pull the arm or do something similar. It will help a person regain self-control over themselves.

7. What should not do? First of all, teach a man, "I told you that it is to be feared / need to be attentive / can not do that." So you just make things worse, forcing his friend even more to blame themselves for their own troubles.

8. Also, after hearing the story excited companion, do not mention the similar problem that occurred with you. Thus, you transfer the topic of conversation on his identity and leaves out a frustrated man. And, besides, all the problems have their own characteristics, and should not be equated with the same brush. It is better to try to understand the situation and advise each other on the basis of the data collected.

These tips will help your interlocutor quickly calm down and start thinking constructively to solve problems.


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