The writing that children would want God to do for them.

Primary school teacher once asked the children to write an essay about what they would like God to do for them. In the evening, when she checked the work, she came across one work that it is very frustrating. At that moment her husband came and saw her crying.
"What happened?" - He asked.
"Read," she replied, reaching an essay of one boy.

"Lord, today ask you about something very special: turn me into a TV. I want to take his place. I want to live as live TV in our house. I want to have a special place to gather the family around you. To me, listening without interrupting and asking questions when I'm talking. I want to be the center of attention. I want me to doing as doing TV when it stops working. I want to be in the company of his father, when he returns home, even tired. To my mother, instead of ignoring me, he walked with me when left alone and sad. I want to at least sometimes, my parents left everything aside and spent a bit of time with me. God, I do not ask much ... I just want to live like any live TV. »

"Nightmare! Poor boy! "- Exclaimed the husband teacher .-" What sort of parents are ?! "She tearfully said:" This work of our son ... "


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