Two angels

Two angels, a woman traveling to work, steep stairs.
-Tolkay, Push, speak!
 - Stairs so cool, because death is broken!
 - I insure only break a leg!
 - Nightmare, it is to work, it is already three days late!
 - Yes, and now she is on sick leave for at least three weeks will sit. She then fired at all.
 - You can not do it without the work that will be done, the pay is good!
 - Pull say, then explain everything, push!

Those angels, trail, two women in the service passenger car, great speed. Before the passenger car - KAMAZ, loaded with logs.
 - Throw a log, do not wait!
 - This log can kill, as if still at a speed of frontal fall, they perish, their children!
 - Throw, I'll take a log, they just scare.
 - Why so why frighten ?!
 - No time, then explain, after the turn of the poster will be "Waiting for you at home!", They have already fright recede, drawing their attention to the poster, let them stop.
 - Both crying, call home, how cruel!

Corporate party.
Two angels, man, on the arm engagement ring girl.
 - Let another drink.
 - Come on, he's already drunk! Look how he looks at her!
 - Another pour, even drinks!
 - At his home wife, two children, he is in fact already lost control, the girl at the hotel invites!
 - Yes, let, let it agrees!
 - I agree, go, just awful! Wife because learns divorce!
 - Yes, the argument can not be avoided! So conceived.

Sunset, the two angels.

 - Well, processing, stress continuum!
 - You're the first day at this level? It is this level of training stress, you're out there on your first level books, but movies are teaching, and there are those who do not help the book. They have to be out of the rut to beat stress, to stop, think. How to live, why live.

Here is the first woman to sit at home is with a broken leg, will begin to sew again, and when she was fired, she had five orders to be, she was not even upset. She was young so sewing, feast for the eyes! She has 10 years puts his passion, all believe that we have to work that social security is more important than spiritual harmony and pleasure from your favorite things. A sewing it will bring more revenue, but also with pleasure.

Of the two women who were crying on the track, one week later resign, she realizes that her place at home with a child, with her husband, and not in a strange city, to live in hotels for weeks. She will give birth to her second child, a psychologist will learn, they are with you at the first level are cooperating.

 - A betrayal, unless it can benefit to ?! Life after collapse!
 - A family? The family is not there for a long time! My wife had forgotten that she was a woman whose husband drinks in the evening, swear, children blackmailing each other. It's a long process, the patient, but each of them will think a woman will begin your book to read, understand, that just about forgotten femininity, a man learns to communicate differently.
 - A family get to keep?
 - There is a chance! Everything will depend on the woman!
 - Well, processing!
 - Get used to it, but productively! As vybesh person of your comfort zone, so he starts to move! Since the majority of people staged!
 - And if that does not work?
 - Once the third level is. There are taught losses. But that's another story.


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