When someone complains, belittling you,
When someone gives advice about which you have not asked, when someone thinks you're guilty of their pain,
When they do not hear you, talk endlessly about themselves only,
When they compare you with other people, ignored or ridiculed condemn your thoughts and feelings -
Breathe deeply.

Know that it is their pain, not yours. Know that they see only a dream that they can see, is not wake up, know that they do not know you, and your illusions.
Perhaps it is difficult to love yourself.

Perhaps they are looking for confirmation of their value from the outside. Perhaps they are separated from their breath, the body, the precious vitality and his true vocation. Perhaps they live in a dualistic world of good and bad, right and wrong, successes and failures. Perhaps they have forgotten the simple pleasure of life. Did you know that. Perhaps you have been there, where they are now.

Do not try to change them. They can not change. Do not try to fix them. They did not ask to be corrected. The more you click on them, the more they will alienate you. Do not get entangled in the nets of their afflictions. It is clear, even compassionate, no pressure on anyone.
It is normal that they are upset. This is true. Give them the freedom to be frustrated.
It is normal that they are disappointed in you. Give them the freedom to be disappointed.

It is normal that they condemn you. Let it be free in this. Be free to express their own thoughts and feelings! Allow yourself to feel sad, angry, to doubt, to be guilty. Let all those precious energy flow through you. They will not touch you when you allow them to move freely.

Yes, in this journey you will meet a lot of keepers of the gate. Anyway, go on your way, and let the others go their own. You do not have to explain or defend it. Whether it is in these difficult times. Do not fight darkness: Whatever it was, it has no power. Just turn on your lights!
Jeff Foster


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