How to reconnect with yourself?

In order to find in this day of self, it is important to learn to distinguish between two states: solitude and loneliness.

Solitude - a meditation on the essence of his inner sacred, our relationship with the universe through his Spirit. This practice helps us to saturate our attention, the energy of Love.

At this point, we become spiritually strong to first solve their problems on a subtle, psychologically, and then shift their attention to the external, to our actions.

Loneliness - a state of separation from their sacred essence of the universe, from its Spirit. If we have deep relationships with them, difficult for us to create a warm, strong relationships with the world around us, the people.

Loneliness - the state of being lost themselves, someone who could build a harmonious relationship.

How to reconnect with them?

It helps to exercise the feeling around her living space of the universe, which we will heal ...

Universe - it is not space with stars, somewhere, far, far, to which - ay - not dozvatsya.

The universe around us, right now.

Close your eyes, relax and feel the air molecules surrounding you right now pulsate, move (and it actually happens!).

Feel this space. It is always loving, All-receiving, everyone understands reasonable.

And now feel in touch with their state with their feelings. Try to find a connection between this space and reasonable response to your love of the universe.

And now feel the life of your thoughts ... of love, what are you so hard, strongly linked with the whole single entity, your thoughts become clear, almost transparent, light, full of tenderness ...

Now take your body, every cell, every breath, every heartbeat ... And all of this is also due to the space of the universe that surrounds you right now.

You - in the arms of the universe.

It heals you from loneliness ...

It transforms it into a high state of solitude ...

You are one with the whole, you came home to himself ...


Wish you happiness!


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