30 Images from an unexpected twist that no one expected

Predictability spoils relations, any entertainment, and life in general. Agree, it is much more fun to live when you do not know what awaits you in the future and it does not matter good or something bad. Thank God, this world has prepared us many more surprises, and the heroes of our article too. In this unpredictable collection of photos, you can see unexpected things, the occurrence of which no one could have imagined. Selection of unexpected and funny pictures waiting for you below.

Cheating goda

He brought himself poryadok

"I looked out the window and saw a picture. The interesting thing about this is that I do not have a red cat, nor a large white rabbit "

The second part?

Who would have podumat

Sorry, you do something in the eye popalo

Total identichnost

The inscription on the billboard Baptist Church: "Who is this man? (meaning Jesus) "Answer:" Chad Kroeger? "


Whose nose where it sticks out from the foliage?

The inscription on the label sweaters "Perfect shit"

That's what no one can accurately ozhidat

I do not remember inviting seal on svadbu

Spas for some new olenenka

Bananas - the best lyustra

My wife wanted to do self in the car, but the dog was another ideya


In dogs almost poluchilos


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