Museum BZHRK B / W number 54090 Perm-76


That's right, this coupe. A landline phone on the table - because this is a compartment on the train composition BZHRK command center - Railway Combat missile systems.

Will be 35 photos via

2 photos. From 1987 to 1994 twelve such trains, each with three launchers for nuclear missiles disguised as ordinary wagons refrigerated (even an expert could not immediately distinguish them from real close ...

3 photo.

4 photo.

... And from a distance - for example, an aerial photo - could not and Specialist), cruised on the railways of the country, ready to strike back from the place where they were caught while Ch nuclear Armageddon can begin to turn that key here:

5 photos. More precisely, while turning of two keys - with the two adjacent panels. One operator can still go to the roof, but not two at once:

6 photos. Suddenly the peace wagon refrigerator clung to neighboring cars openers ...

7 photo.

... Rasshoperivalsya on poles, and the roof of a special vyprastyval damn ...

8 photo.

... Designed to push and the ground wire, if any. Then the roof of the car to swing in the direction of ...

9 photo.

... And from the depths of his irresistibly rose ribbed barrel container concealing a blunt instrument of retaliation:

10 photo.

11 photo. Blunt - because the rocket 15ZH61 "Good" (RT-23 UTTKh), although it was designed specifically for BZHRK, but in firing position in the refrigerator still does not fit, so the fairing make the folding and tapered taken at the beginning of the flight (simply inflated):

12 photo. The rocket is ejected from the container special charge as a mortar in the air it was deflected to the side (so as not to burn the starting complex) with the help of gunpowder accelerator, and only then cut one main engine. Bdysch:

13 photo. In all these operations from the command is received from the General Staff to the missile launch was given three minutes.

14 photo. Determine where at the moment is "death train" on combat duty and, therefore, cover it with a preemptive strike, it was difficult - BZHRK allows you to quickly change the deployment starting position up to 1,000 kilometers a day.

15 photo. Strictly speaking, out of the two compounds at a certain time in the country shuttled one - the other was on the service. Four BZHRK based under our Bershetyu as part of B / W number 54090 Perm-76 (now - Starship CATF).

16 photo.

17 photo. Within the framework of the START-2 in 2002, the division was disbanded and BZHRK decommissioned and disposed of under the supervision of the Americans - even those launched in the container Negro to the felt and saw that inside there is a rocket:

18 photo. It is not necessary to put the loss BZHRK as a diplomatic defeat - they were replaced by PGRK and complexes themselves except the obsolete (and "Well done" in general produced in Ukraine), so also in the life of a number of disadvantages. However, now there is talk of reincarnation missile trains, but with modern missiles. But anyway, as a former rocketeer today - an employee of the museum 52 minutes Tarnopolsky, Berlin Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2nd degree and the Red Star in the Star Division:

19 photo. Workplace ... I do not remember the name of the position. Something like the commandant of the train:

20 photos

- Here our guide once had served.

The museum is housed in the former command bunker.

21 photo.

22 photo.

23 photo. There's still a lot of interesting things.

24 photo. In addition BZHRK under Bershetyu located silo-based installation

25 photos.

26 photo.

and before them - BSP with IDB 8K64:

27 photo.

28 photo. And even earlier, in doraketnuyu era - the Red Army training center

29 photo.

30 photo. Through this sleeve refueled rocket fuel:

31 photo. What is in these cylinders, the superintendent of the museum, we have not said:

- To see, they say the habit of secrecy. I later found out - everything was prosaic! - But you can not say: the order is an order.

32 photo. Training manual:

33 photo.

... And the Red Button:

34 photos.

... Which actually stops the run - a start is made in the same way as in BZHRK - turning the key. Or, communication equipment:

They say that with the help of yonder light brown cabinet can completely block all radio transmissions within the edge ... but there is a lot of interest, a lot. Actually, I just wanted to tell you about BZHRK, so carried away.

35 photo. Star himself today - a classic town with the regime past few quarters in the forest, clean, parallel and perpendicular

Half of the streets goes into "Betonka" leaving the forest ... In the spring there is still a ride, then I tell.




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