Abandoned Base BZHRK

An interesting report from an abandoned base BZHRK (Battle railway missile system). On this basis, prior to the 2000s was carried out maintenance and repair of trains rocket and refueling locomotives.
47 photos via iigen

1. Cross the field and come to the control room

2. The control room. We hoped for the best course (

3. Shielding

4. Relay board room or SCB) I do not know how to properly called)

5. Cool card even skhabarit someone has already tried)

6. Ancient smoking room from the control room

7. Go through the territory of

8. Moving too shabby for being beautiful)

9. Another gate

10. guardhouse they

11. We sent)

12. Have seen a repair shop BZHRK

13. guardhouse on the way. In general, on the territory of RF nemerenoe number of circuits, thorns and elektroograd


15. In general, there is nothing there except a heap of rubbish, and insulators in boxes elektroograd.

16. Repair shop

17. Ancient sign! I love them

18. Gateway to shop

19. In this workshop BZHRK could fully deploy a missile launcher

20. Crane surprised by its power

21. This box boxes all BZHRK)

22. Straight from the workshop can be accessed on the second floor of another part of the shop - there classrooms

23. Let's go further

24. looks back, not naraduyus goal

25. And we go to the next

26. He has a low



29. The cables for the most part been cut but not all - makes itself felt guarded

30. Again, the classrooms on the second floor


32. Farewell opinion

33. On the part of the territory, we did not bring any tablet or, at least, printing area and hoped to cut through the forest to come back way back. So go between circuits

34. But finally understand that it is absolutely futile, and back through the woods back to the shops

35. go back

36. Then we were met by a gas station for diesel locomotives

37. And so

38. And another shop

39. Inside is nothing special

40. Now here monteryatnik

41. Until now, my heart bleeds when I think of these pictures. I wish them well of someone skhabaryat least, and probably just rot or broken

42. And another

43. We leave this wonderful place


45. And this is actually a great BZHRK. A couple of years ago my friend Peter has led on a tour of the museum of railway equipment in the Warsaw station

46. ‚Äč‚ÄčLauncher

47. I have all spasiob for attention :)



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