Serdeshnogo case, do not pass by

All public Chips Alex asks for help, that's what trouble he took:

We met four years ago. At first we had a mutual admiration. I came almost every day to her work (she worked in a bank and I was served there). Gradually it turned into something more.
And April 13, 2005 we went with her on the first date. Began tale !!! Walking in the moonlight, travel on vacation, romantic dinners, movies, etc ... In general, I fell in love. The first year there were no problems.
Gradually, our relations rest on the wall of misunderstanding. She tried to change me, I tried to break it. We quarreled, expenses, again converged ...
At the end of March this year, she left last week ... With me it was easy, I thought it would be better for both of us ... But then ... I realized that I had lost. Trying to change it, break, customizable for myself, I forgot the most important thing !!! I LOVE HER !!! I am without it I can !!! I did everything wrong, do not need to break a loved one, you need to give in, to be tolerant ...
April 13, 2008 we saw last time. In the same restaurant where we had our first date ... She said she still loves, but can not forgive and do not believe me ... more. She left ... I was without it no more ...
Katyusha I LOVE YOU !!! Love more than life !!!

I know that this is a desperate move. People help me get her back !!! Write her that I love her that everything will be different !!! She does not believe me ((((
Here is her email katrinka_a (@)
Beautiful love story ... Let's all help a guy !!!

PS Alex if she'll forgive you simply must marry))) And of course the wedding invite)))


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