He brought a note from Mom School and she burst into tears. Only years later he learned the truth ...

Omas Edison once said: «The surest way to success - all the time to try again». i> Well, having studied his biography, you know that he was dead right. However, few people know that its success to the great inventor is required above all ... his mother who believed in him to the last.

We publish the story, which struck us deeply. True or another invention - say right now is extremely difficult. And still I want to believe that such an event actually occurred in the life of a brilliant scientist. And then do not believe in the power of words!

One day a young Thomas Edison came home from school and gave his mother a letter from the teacher. For no apparent reason my mother suddenly began to cry, and then read out the son of the letter aloud: «Your son - a genius. This school is too small and there are no teachers, it can learn something. Please teach it themselves ». I>

Many years after the death of his mother (by the time Edison has already become one of the greatest inventors of the century), he revisited old family archives and came across this letter. Thomas opened it and read: «Your son - retarded. We can not teach it in school with them. Therefore, we recommend that you learn it yourself at home ». I>

Edison sobbed for hours. Then he wrote in his diary: «Thomas Alva Edison was mentally retarded child. Thanks to their heroic mother, he became one of the greatest geniuses of his age ». I>

Appreciate their mothers! But they love us for what we are and believe in us, no matter what. If you agree with us, save yourself the post on the wall to re-read in a difficult moment. And, of course, do not forget to share with your friends!



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