How to get better in 2016

We are in the Website sure: inspirational, motivational article can go a qualitative change in their lives. That is why we publish such that hooked us, made us think and strive for the best.

In this collection we have gathered 12 of the best materials of the outgoing year, which will help you to achieve even greater heights. Even if you have not missed any of them, you surely will be interesting and useful to read again.

Reset and general cleaning of his life h3>

Excellent article Olesya Novikova blogger for those who long wanted to start life with a clean slate. Start a conscious creation of himself and his new experience it offers to zero: with dumping all trash out of their lives on the physical, mental and energy levels.

How 1 month to make a difference h3>

New Year - a great reason to change lives and to begin long-planned affairs. Blogger Pokrevskaya Svetlana developed an excellent program "reset", and promises to all those who perform it in a month you will not recognize yourself. Sounds intriguing, why not try, do not you?

12 vital laws Grace h3>

Natalia Grace - a psychologist and author of the famous book "The Laws of Grace," in which she tried to form a collection of observations about life. Conclusions that the author was able to find, to help us become a little wiser and conserve their strength.

Imagine that you will never find her only

In fact, to even think about such a very sad, because everyone wants to meet his love. And what if it helps open ourselves and get rid of the fears and prejudices that are constantly sitting in our heads? This interesting article will help you in the most unexpected reflections.

5 ways to easily and naturally destroy his life h3>

Article about what mistakes we make, thus causing sometimes irreparable damage to his life. What NOT to do. "We are going to work every morning, even if we do not really like it because we feel the need to implement the program. We make the next step, then another, thinking that just fill the "checklist" and one day wake up in a depression. We feel overwhelmed and do not know why. That's how we are destroying our lives. »

How do I know what you've got talent h3>

"Do I have talent?", "What if I do not the case?" "All of a sudden I have a completely different purpose?" - These questions plagued many people regardless of age. Psychologist Ivan Pirogov developed an effective technique called "Analysis of human existence": a little time, a pen and a blank piece of help to understand yourself.

The 10 Commandments of a real woman h3>

The modern world is cultivated in women stereotyped roles, "businesswoman", "bitch", "blonde". Meanwhile, each of the fairer sex by nature is unique and not like any one pattern. That's about it and says psychologist Julia Sviyash.

7 mistakes education that prevent children succeed h3>

An expert on leadership, best-selling author of psychological Tim Elmore during his research revealed common mistakes parents who have children in pre-programmed uncertainty and limit their chances to become successful in their careers and personal lives.

What should be done up to 30 years to 50 feel great h3>

Site Quora conducted the study and asked the people who are over 50, what rules they would be advised to observe 30 years of it to be useful in the future. The answers were very simple, but it is right and wise. Website recommends listen to the elders.

11 mistakes that a woman h3>

"There was a time when I thought that with my huge" spiders "of all stripes not consult anybody, except me. And I cope by herself. Let's see what women hyperactivity. That's what happened to me finally, if I in the three years she heard the old "stop". Julia Rublev argues that a women's hyperactivity and how it interferes with relationships.

How do we encounter h3>

Freedom of choice is killing. It always seems that we have more chances and opportunities that we deserve more. And what happens when freedom of choice regards human feelings and relationships? It is ambiguous, but worth reading an essay about the relationship of modern humans to themselves, to each other and to life.

Who we choose his favorite and why h3>

In life we ​​meet a lot of completely different and dissimilar people, but someone leaves us indifferent, and someone we will crush. Family psychologist Irina Chesnova tried to look into the matter, and we Website largely agree with it.

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