15 places where it would be cool to celebrate New Year

Snow is a striking property to create a fabulous landscape is literally out of the blue. Although winter is sometimes unfriendly and harsh, its unique charm completely covers most of the inconveniences associated with colds. In the end, only one of which is the magic of the New Year! Not for nothing the inhabitants of tropical countries are very dream to see the beautiful winter.

Website to collect for you the most stunning photos of winter places from all over the world, in which he noted the upcoming holidays could existent bliss.

Finland h3>

The village of Shirakawa, Japan h3>

Lofoten Islands, Norway h3>

Ireland h3>

Alpes, France h3>

Lapland h3>

Tirol, Austria h3>

Quebec, Canada h3>

Stockholm, Sweden h3>

Tromso, Norway h3>

Italy h3>

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France h3>

Naantali, Finland h3>

Liverpool, England h3>

Gdansk, Poland h3>

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