15 citations writer Isaac Asimov, who created his own universe

Isaac Asimov - one of the greatest science fiction writers of the twentieth century, whose main desire was to protect humanity from the evil and stupidity. Mutual understanding, compassion and peace in the world - are the values ​​preached by the writer.

Website has selected 15 expressions of the author, paradoxical and logical, which were printed on a typewriter in a quiet room with curtained windows.

Insomnia - this is when you can not sleep, even when it is time to wake up. Everyone is free to believe in what he wants. I just object to make all believe in one thing. Unlike chess game going on in the life of the mat and after. Psychiatrist welcomes the psychiatrist: "You are all right, and I am?» < If the doctor says that I only live five minutes, I will not tear your hair out. I'll just typing a little faster. I'm sure the book there is no substitute in the future, just as nothing could replace it in the past. The most exciting phrase to hear in some science - a phrase, heralds new discoveries - is not "Eureka!" And "That's funny ...". There are so many ways to kill the time that some of you have to sacrifice. God loves us all, but neither one of us is not happy. A wonderful feeling to know that you yourself build peace. If people love each other, then what does it matter what caused this love? Do I try to find God? God is smarter than me. Let me try to find himself. No sensible decision can not be made without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it is. The first rule of diet: If it tastes good, then it's bad for you. You can not say to a person: "You can create. So come on, they do. " Much rather wait until he says, "I can do and I'll do, whether you like it or not!»

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